AuthorAlan Dean Foster
ImprintAlan Dean Foster Ltd
Sales rank4.5


Here, even the wind screams Abandoned hulks of machinery rust in the colorless landscape Dark, oily seas beat against a jagged black shore And the remnants of a reentry space vehicle crash into the rough waves In it sleeps Ripley, a woman who has battled the enemy twice It killed her whole crew the first time The second time, it slaughtered a spaceload of death dealing Marines Now on this prison planet that houses only a horde of defiant, captive men, she will have to fight the ultimate alien horror one time.


Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣

Alien³ By Alan Dean Foster


Quintin Zimmermann

Alien³ By Alan Dean Foster

This is a solid novelisation of the Alien 3 screenplay It does expand on the surrounding circumstances that arose on the Sulaco which ultimately led to the crash landing The birth of the alien was via the impregnation of an ox that was used to recover the wreckage The longer gestation of the queen a... (Sign in to see more)

Ana Mardoll

Alien³ By Alan Dean Foster

Alien 3 Film Novelization 0 446 36216 6I had the highest hopes for this Alien 3 novel because I always felt that certain parts of the movie were confusing, and I hoped that this novel would clear up those points In this respect, the book shines brightly carefully explaining how the facehugger in the... (Sign in to see more)

Joe Pranaitis

Alien³ By Alan Dean Foster

Alien 3 the novelization is based on the script that was used for the special edition of the film found on both the quadrilogy and the anthology BD set that was released later on But to put it simply this is a good novel version of the film and deals with the class C prison known as Fury 161 but the... (Sign in to see more)


Alien³ By Alan Dean Foster

I enjoyed this book far than the movie I still hate that Hicks and Newt just die right of the rip but past that it makes me enjoy the Alien universe than just the previous stories.


Alien³ By Alan Dean Foster

this book is good, but different from the movie, I will name some key differences 1 The facehugger impregnates the ox instead of the dog Riply wasn t attempted to be raped 3 the Doctor isn t addicted to morphine 4 theirs a lot language then the book 4 the xenomorph is spoilered differently then in ... (Sign in to see more)

Timothy Boyd

Alien³ By Alan Dean Foster

Alan Dean Foster is one of my top 5 favorite writers He does an excellent job of adapting the screen play into a great SiFi story The tons of little details he adds really make you feel like you are getting the backstory on things Very recommended


Alien³ By Alan Dean Foster

Pretty good Once again, different enough from the movie to be interesting, similar enough to be familiar.


Alien³ By Alan Dean Foster

3.5 Stars


Alien³ By Alan Dean Foster

Alien, aliens and alien cubed were an enticing read all together Enjoyed every chapter.

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