TitleNarrative of Sojourner Truth,
AuthorSojourner Truth
ImprintSojourner Truth Ltd
Sales rank4.5


One of the most famous and admired African American women in U.S history, Sojourner Truth sang, preached, and debated at camp meetings across the country, led by her devotion to the antislavery movement and her ardent pursuit of women s rights Born into slavery in 1797, Truth fled from bondage some 30 years later to become a powerful figure in the progressive movements reshaping American society.This remarkable narrative, first published in 1850, offers a rare glimpse into the little documented world of Northern slavery Truth recounts her life as a slave in rural New York, her separation from her family, her religious conversion, and her life as a traveling preacher during the 1840s She also describes her work as a social reformer, counselor of former slaves, and sponsor of a black migration to the West.A spellbinding orator and implacable prophet, Truth mesmerized audiences with her tales of life in bondage and with her moving renditions of Methodist hymns and her own songs Frederick Douglass described her message as a strange compound of wit and wisdom, of wild enthusiasm, and flint like common sense This inspiring account of a black woman s struggles for racial and sexual equality is essential reading for students of American history, as well as for those interested in the continuing quest for equality of opportunity.



Narrative of Sojourner Truth, By Sojourner Truth

I took this to be an actual memoir of Sojourner Truth I had thought she did a lot of interesting things in her life and fought back at the system Turns out she was even bigger than that Sojourner Truth alias Isabella van Wagenen personally knew God She met with Him in shady nooks and demanded things... (Sign in to see more)


Narrative of Sojourner Truth, By Sojourner Truth

Beautifully written and a pleasure to read even though the truth it tells is difficult to admit This should be required reading in junior high or middle school as it is called in some parts of the U.S.A History is often fiction by the time it rests in the ears and mind of a student History is told b... (Sign in to see more)


Narrative of Sojourner Truth, By Sojourner Truth

Sometimes reading a book isn t about pleasure, but rather a way to show respect for someone life, struggle or ideas Sojourner Truth deserves to have her story read She was a bold woman who lived with fearless integrity Sojourner Truth s life is very interesting, but that is about the only thing that... (Sign in to see more)


Narrative of Sojourner Truth, By Sojourner Truth

What an inspiring individual She had courage, compassion and a compelling drive to get things done.A great storyall the greater because it is true.There is a special place in heaven reserved for people like Sojourner Truth.

Samantha Williams

Narrative of Sojourner Truth, By Sojourner Truth

The book didn t really appeal to me that much, because I was having authenticity issues with the book It was wrote by Sojourner herself, it was wrote by someone else, transcribing Sojourner s words directly So that for me caused a block to go up, just because Sojourner was black and lived during a t... (Sign in to see more)


Narrative of Sojourner Truth, By Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth had to be one of the most charismatic people ever to walk the Earth Charisma is hard to convey in any mode that s not face to face This book might be as close to capturing raw charisma as I have ever seen She stands out even in an era of incredibly charismatic people My edition had b... (Sign in to see more)


Narrative of Sojourner Truth, By Sojourner Truth

Powerful, heart breaking, uplifting Historically fascinating because many newspaper accounts, meeting notices and personal greetings are excerpted from her Book of Life , a kind of scrapbook autograph book she carried with her on her travels Abraham Lincoln, Emily Dickinson, Susan B Anthony, Frederi... (Sign in to see more)

mis fit

Narrative of Sojourner Truth, By Sojourner Truth

If you want to read something that is going to make your troubles seem pretty damn small and petty, this is a good choice Sojourner Truth s life was hard, and this narrative provides many insights into the horrors of slavery I am definitely interested in reading about her life and her work.

Monster Longe

Narrative of Sojourner Truth, By Sojourner Truth

It s not that Sojourner Truth s story isn t worth being told, it s the manner in which it was presented The person who penned her narrative, Olive Gilbert, in my opinion, did a poor job conveying Truth s account and inserted too much of their self into it As such, it was a job to read this, and not ... (Sign in to see more)

Phil Jensen

Narrative of Sojourner Truth, By Sojourner Truth

Buyer beware Sojourner Truth did not actually write this book A woman named Olive Gilbert wrote it after having some conversations with Truth The question you have to ask yourself is How interested are you in Olive Gilbert Here s a sample of her prose We will now turn from the outward and temporal t... (Sign in to see more)

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