AuthorMasayuki Ishikawa
ImprintMasayuki Ishikawa Ltd
Sales rank4.5


BACTERIA TO SCHOOLTadayasu is a new, fresh faced university student hiding a bizarre secret He can see germs with the naked eye Between the machinations of an eccentric professor determined to unlock the power of the microbial world and the doomed agricultural experiments of his fellow students, will Tadayasu ever find the cool college atmosphere he so desires



Moyasimon By Masayuki Ishikawa

If Silver Spoon 1 Gin no Saji Silver Spoon 1 was a perfect book to whet your appetite on the bounty of nature, then Moyasimon must be a perfect book to turn it off.I do enjoy reading all the trivia and knowledge about microorganisms, but I don t recommend reading this before eating.


Moyasimon By Masayuki Ishikawa

Never thought I would enjoy a Japanese Manga about bacteria Turns out to be very educational and informative and presented in a humorous way.

Diana Dang

Moyasimon By Masayuki Ishikawa

Bacterias are microscopic organisms They surround us constantly, from being in the food we eat to the insides of our bodies No one can see them with a naked eye No one, except Tadayasu Sawaki.A new student at an agriculture university, Sawaki is able to see germs that surround him With his special a... (Sign in to see more)


Moyasimon By Masayuki Ishikawa

I watched the anime before reading the manga I really liked the anime and it was pretty true to the manga Regardless of the ridiculous premise of the ability of the protagonist to see bacteria and viruses, it is entertaining and educational And it isn t just about microbiology and the science of fer... (Sign in to see more)


Moyasimon By Masayuki Ishikawa

Notes are just on volume 1.I love Moyashimon Its a series about a groups of students and their professors at an agricultural university, where one of the students happens to be able to see microbes with the naked eyeand he sees them as cute little blobs with faces, in varying different shapes.Here a... (Sign in to see more)

Stephanie Griffin

Moyasimon By Masayuki Ishikawa

MOYASIMON TALES OF AGRIGULTURE, is a manga with intelligence and humor Written by Masayuki Ishikawa, it centers on Tadayasu, a young man from a rural family, along with his best friend Kei Tadayasu has the power to see and communicate with bacteria of all kinds This comes in handy when the two frien... (Sign in to see more)

Geoff Sebesta

Moyasimon By Masayuki Ishikawa

This is the best educational manga I ve read for a long time It s a story about a little boy who can see germs with the naked eye, and in all other ways it is a perfectly normal high school manga There s nothing special about the story in any way at all, it s just a method for transferring microbiol... (Sign in to see more)


Moyasimon By Masayuki Ishikawa

Tre stelle e 1 2


Moyasimon By Masayuki Ishikawa

The premise is interesting, but not particularly funny.


Moyasimon By Masayuki Ishikawa

A weird tale about a boy who can see bacteria and his adventures in an agriculture school Characters could better, we ll see how this goes.

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