TitleThe Dark Heart
AuthorJoakim Palmkvist
ImprintJoakim Palmkvist Ltd
Sales rank4.5
FormatKindle Edition


A chilling true crime story of poisonous family secrets, love gone wrong, and a cold case that refused to stay buried

In late summer of 2012, millionaire landowner G ran Lundblad went missing from his farm in Sweden When a search yielded nothing, and all physical evidence had seemingly disappeared, authorities had little to go on except a disturbing phone call five weeks later from G ran s daughter Maria She was sure that her sister, Sara, was somehow involved At the heart of the alleged crime Sara s greed, her father s land holdings, and his bitter feud with Sara s idler boyfriend

With no body, there was no crime and the case went as cold and dark as the forests of southern Sweden But not for Therese Tang For two years, this case was her obsession.

A hard working ex model, mother of three, and Missing People investigator, Therese was willing to put her own safety at risk in order to uncover the truth What she found was a nest of depraved secrets, lies, and betrayal All she had to do now, in her relentless and dangerous pursuit of justice, was prove that it led to murder.


The Just-About-Cocky Ms M

The Dark Heart By Joakim Palmkvist

After a quite disappointing experience with an alleged true crime tale several months ago, I nearly passed this one up But my fondness for Nordic Noir in most any form Stieg Larsson opened my eyes and I ve never looked back since persuaded me that this one might be entertaining All that snow, and Sw... (Sign in to see more)


The Dark Heart By Joakim Palmkvist

RivetingA riveting true crime story set in Scandinavia The real life process detectives and community volunteers used to put the pieces together is highlighted, not the gore Well written All questions answered Loose ends tied up All in all, a great read

Lynda Kelly

The Dark Heart By Joakim Palmkvist

This was my Kindle First choice for October and I could ve picked 3 this month but since true crime is my real bag I opted for this and I m so pleased I did I really enjoyed it, a fascinating look into how the Swedes investigate a murder or not I was shocked at one case being referred to as a suicid... (Sign in to see more)

Wanda Hawley

The Dark Heart By Joakim Palmkvist

Hard to FollowI.had a lot of difficulty following the facts and sorting everybody out Almost need to take notes and outline the chapters to keep up with whats happening It could be this is just not the style format I like to read In all fairness this is certainly not the worst book I ve read and you... (Sign in to see more)

joanne g. moore

The Dark Heart By Joakim Palmkvist

Dark heartThis book was hard to read The author went into too much explanation I didn t need to read 20x the directions to small towns and recounting the same information Normally I have a hard time putting down a good book This book just made me want to finish so I didn t have to read it any Wouldn... (Sign in to see more)


The Dark Heart By Joakim Palmkvist

An interesting story but scattered There was too much background information on characters that did not seem particularly relevant to the case and I ended up skipping chapters of backstory Certainly an interesting case though.


The Dark Heart By Joakim Palmkvist

a very drysort of whodunit even tho we KNOW whodunitmaybe an insight into whydunnit.sorry didn t really happen Unless you are a hardcore true crime unkie I would not recommend.

christy whiddon

The Dark Heart By Joakim Palmkvist

True crimeWell told story of conspiracy, cover Up and Citizen action helping solve a crime Really enjoyed it, although sorry for the family


The Dark Heart By Joakim Palmkvist

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Dale Swenson

The Dark Heart By Joakim Palmkvist


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