TitleHunt Them Down (Pierce Hunt #1)
AuthorSimon Gervais
ImprintSimon Gervais Ltd
Sales rank4.5
FormatKindle Edition


The dark world he s been fighting against has caught up with him Will his daughter pay the price As a former Army Ranger, DEA Special Agent Pierce Hunt is no stranger to violence Fresh off a six month suspension, he s itching to hit a notorious Mexican drug cartel where it hurts, even if that means protecting crime boss Vicente Garcia, a witness in the case against sadis


Dee Arr

Hunt Them Down (Pierce Hunt #1) By Simon Gervais

As of 12 1 18 If you are interested in this book, be aware there are some glitches in the release date with Hopefully they will have it fixed todayI was able to receive a Kindle edition through Prime The author lost me early on when he wove a plot that I felt was extremely contrived.We are suppose... (Sign in to see more)

Jeff Benham

Hunt Them Down (Pierce Hunt #1) By Simon Gervais

Clearly the best book I have read all year It starts out with Pierce Hunt as a DEA Agent in Chicago as a member of the RRT, Rapid Response Team Someone got the bright idea of including Luke Moore, a cop hating reporter along on a raid This is a truly bad idea as Moore starts streaming the raid and t... (Sign in to see more)

David Dalton

Hunt Them Down (Pierce Hunt #1) By Simon Gervais

It seems Hunt Them Down will be an on going action series starring Pierce Hunt I suppose each title will include Hunt in the title somewhere like the Prey series Overall I liked this book It gave me what I wanted in an action thriller In the eighties this would have been a paperback book first I pic... (Sign in to see more)


Hunt Them Down (Pierce Hunt #1) By Simon Gervais

Some Thrillers we read actually get thrilling only in the last 20 or 30 pages Hunt Them Down puts the petal to the metal starting on page one in this high octane thriller that moves like a runaway freight train A highly entertaining debut by a very talented author I hope to follow.

Lane Mcdaniel

Hunt Them Down (Pierce Hunt #1) By Simon Gervais

Unbelievable debut Pierce Hunt belongs in the ranks of Mitch Rapp, Court Gentry, Dewey Andreas, John Wells and Scott Harvath Be sure to make some time to read this adventure It is definitely a one sitting book read I couldn t put it down.

Arthur O&

Hunt Them Down (Pierce Hunt #1) By Simon Gervais

This reads like an 80 s action b movie Or the kind of direct to dvd actioner that would star John Cena It s not horible, just completely contrived The focus is on the action, and the action is decent Again, it s written like a brainless action movie If that s your thing, you ll probably enjoy it If ... (Sign in to see more)

John Bastin

Hunt Them Down (Pierce Hunt #1) By Simon Gervais

A fast moving, entertaining book It does contain a lot of gratuitous violence, and Pierce Hunt, the hero , definitely isn t someone whom I would want to be on the wrong side of.It s not great literature, but for a light, fun read it did a good job letting me spend a few relaxing hours reading.

Chris (Norseman) Miller

Hunt Them Down (Pierce Hunt #1) By Simon Gervais

This was a huge success for me Simon has a new character and he s easily relatable Makes mistakes, emotional, but a trained operator that is backed up by an incredible plot Believable, fast paced, and I was starving to turn pages I couldn t put it down and was super pleased, Mr Gervais has improved... (Sign in to see more)


Hunt Them Down (Pierce Hunt #1) By Simon Gervais

This was a great surprise for me not only did NetGalley and Thomas Merser made it available as an ARC but Gervais wrote a fast paced thriller to my liking I can only say that I hope the next one is only half as good then he will be among my favorite authors.For everyone who likes action, heroes and ... (Sign in to see more)

Judith Elliott

Hunt Them Down (Pierce Hunt #1) By Simon Gervais

I couldn t put this book down It reminds me of The Gray Man and John Milton series I am looking forward to reading the next installment

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