TitleKiss the Girls
AuthorJames Patterson
ImprintJames Patterson Ltd
Sales rank4.5


Join Alex Cross on his most terrifying murder case yet in this 1 New York Times bestseller and one of PBS s 100 Great American Reads In Los Angeles, a reporter investigating a series of murders is killed In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a beautiful medical intern suddenly disappears In the sequel to Along Came a Spider, Washington D.C s Alex Cross is back to solve the most baffling and terrifying murder case ever Two clever pattern killers are collaborating, cooperating, competing and they are working coast to coast.


James Lafayette Tivendale

Kiss the Girls By James Patterson

I received an ARC of Kiss the Girls via NetGalley and I would like to thank James Patterson, Random House UK, Cornerstone and Arrow Although this is a well known classic thriller, first released in 1995, a new version with that strikingly awesome cover is being published on 29 June 2017 Kiss the Gir... (Sign in to see more)


Kiss the Girls By James Patterson

This is genuinely the worst book I have ever finished.To be fair, it is tolerable when there is action, which is often But every time James Patterson tries to put words coming out of a characters mouth, it makes you want to punch yourself in the face When he writes descriptive, emotional paragraphs,... (Sign in to see more)


Kiss the Girls By James Patterson

Okay I am getting hooked on Alex Cross and may now have to read this series straight through I really enjoy the pace of these books, the way each short chapter jumps straight to the next so the reader has no opportunity to put the book down I read this one in one day staying up far too late in order... (Sign in to see more)


Kiss the Girls By James Patterson

If this is what some people consider beach reading, they should drown themselves.If I could scrub clean that part of my brain where the stench of this novel resides, I would While Patterson probably applauds himself for coming up with something as clever as an underground lair and the device of two ... (Sign in to see more)

Sentimental Surrealist

Kiss the Girls By James Patterson

In the entire history of my mature reading, spanning back to when I picked up Fahrenheit 451 at 15, I don t think I ve ever read a single sentence as soul crushingly, brain batteringly, rage inducingly bad as He made a noise It sounded like yaaaaaaagh HE MADE A NOISE IT SOUNDED LIKE YAAAAAAAG... (Sign in to see more)

Krystin Rachel (Here&

Kiss the Girls By James Patterson

My book ish Blog InstaThis is my second time reading this and I have to admit I m having a bit of an existential crisis Because, like, I used to genuinely enjoy this I wanted to re read this to scrub my brain clean from all the Women s Murder Club cheese barf I was thinking, yeah some ... (Sign in to see more)


Kiss the Girls By James Patterson

If you see me rating a book 5 stars, make sure you jump on it Very very thrilling Thoroughly enjoyed This story is a bit touchy as brutality is at it s best Two astute example executioners are teaming up, participating, contending and they are working across the nation Just imagine how terrifying is... (Sign in to see more)


Kiss the Girls By James Patterson

Good luck trying to put this one down after starting it From start to finish this book will have you sweating with anticipation of whats to come James Patterson does a great job of putting realistic characters in believable situations that will have you on the edge of your seat i guess you could say... (Sign in to see more)

Andy Deemer

Kiss the Girls By James Patterson

Alex Cross is a cop A damn good cop He s 6 3 tall, taut with muscles, and strikingly handsome He s a doctor, too A damn good doctor A psychologist to the slum kids His washboard stomach gleams in the afternoon light, as he plays Nora Jones and Coltrane on his piano, stroking his children s heads wit... (Sign in to see more)

Lisa (Harmonybites)

Kiss the Girls By James Patterson

If it weren t for two scenes in this novel, I d add two stars Patterson is no prose stylist, and his novels are formulaic, but until a few novels after this one Alex Cross got unbearably Gary Stu, with supervillain psychopaths making it their life work to take him down, I found Patterson s detective... (Sign in to see more)

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