TitleQueen Emma
AuthorHarriet O'Brien
ImprintHarriet O'Brien Ltd
Sales rank4.5


A lively account of the harsh realities of war and politics in this era, the vagaries of political marriage and the thin line between invaders and settlers Publishers Weekly Emma, one of England s most remarkable queens, made her mark on a nation beset by Viking raiders at the end of the Dark Ages At the center of a triangle of Anglo Saxons, Vikings, and Normans all jostling for control of England, Emma was a political pawn who became an unscrupulous manipulator Regarded by her contemporaries as a generous Christian patron, an admired regent, and a Machiavellian mother, Emma was, above all, a survivor hers was a life marked by dramatic reversals of fortune, all of which she overcame.



Queen Emma By Harriet O'Brien

Queen Emma called Aelfgifu by most of her subjects was a strong willed Norman who was queen of England twice over first as the wife of Anglo Saxon king Aethelred, then as the wife of the conquering Danish king Cnut She had little impact in Aethelred s court, but was according to O Brien very involve... (Sign in to see more)


Queen Emma By Harriet O'Brien

A delightfully readable book.There are only so many textual sources for Anglo Saxon history, and O Brien makes the most of them So there s familiarity about it, both in the familiar historical information from the Anglo Saxon Chronicles and the tropes we see in television and movies I found myself t... (Sign in to see more)

Lauren Albert

Queen Emma By Harriet O'Brien

Interesting if not exciting look at what can seem a very alien time It is not really so much about Emma it couldnt be a modern style biography because of the lack of evidence about her life But it places her and her life history into the context of the histories of England, the Viking invasions, and... (Sign in to see more)


Queen Emma By Harriet O'Brien

The book is based on what few facts there are about Queen Emma who was the Great Aunt of William 1 of England She was the daughter of a Duke, wife of 2 Kings and Mother of 2 Kings She was determined not to take a back seat to anyone and she paid for it several times However, her strength and perseve... (Sign in to see more)

Joel Adamson

Queen Emma By Harriet O'Brien

This is a quality book with beautiful printing and a very interesting subject I had high hopes that this book would be a well informed and analogous to Dan Jones s Wars of the Roses, but in a different time period Emma is a very interesting subject whose life spans several cultures and a tumultuous ... (Sign in to see more)


Queen Emma By Harriet O'Brien

This non fiction book starts off on a suprisingly narrative and almost fictional note in that it sets the scene of how young Emma, daughter of the Duke Richard of Normandy was set upon a ship to England to marrie a man double her age and seal a strategic alliance against the growing strength of the ... (Sign in to see more)

Susan Fehr

Queen Emma By Harriet O'Brien

Oh dear this was one of those books which I guessed would be difficult because of the lack of historical records on which to base the biography, but I really did feel that the style of writing was too dramatised and not sufficiently supported by the facts available There was too little critical anal... (Sign in to see more)

G. Lawrence

Queen Emma By Harriet O'Brien

An excellent, smooth narrated biography of Emma and her world Really enjoyable


Queen Emma By Harriet O'Brien

Quick VersionA history of Emma, Norman wife of two kings of England one Anglo Saxon and one Dane , mother of two kings of England, and great aunt of William the Conqueror.Long VersionEmma is every historian s dream subject Born into a position destined to make her a pawn in the power plays of the hi... (Sign in to see more)

Jamie Collins

Queen Emma By Harriet O'Brien

This is a short history of England in the decades before the Norman Conquest The author centers her story on Emma of Normandy, who arrived in the year 1002 to marry the aging English king, but this is not a biography There is very little personal information available about any of these people who l... (Sign in to see more)

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