TitleThe Latecomers
AuthorHelen Klein Ross
ImprintHelen Klein Ross Ltd
Sales rank4.5


Set in New England over three generations, THE LATECOMERS mixes the world of Colm T ib n s Brooklyn with the sweeping family sagas of Christina Baker Kline.In 1908, sixteen year old Bridey runs away from her small town in Ireland with her same age sweetheart Thom But when Thom dies suddenly of ship fever on their ocean crossing, Bridey finds herself alone and pregnant in a strange new world.Forced by circumstance to give up the baby for adoption, Bridey finds work as a maid for the Hollingworth family at a lavish, sprawling estate It s the dawn of a new century innovative technologies are emerging, women s roles are changing, and Bridey is emboldened by the promise of a fresh start She cares for the Hollingworth children as if they were her own, until a mysterious death changes Bridey and the household forever For decades, the terrible secrets of Bridey s past continue to haunt the family And in the present day, after a strange blue bottle is found hidden beneath old wallpaper, the youngest Hollingworth makes a connection that finally brings these dark ghost stories into the light.Told in interweaving timelines and rich with detailed history, romance and dark secrets, Helen Klein Ross THE LATECOMERS spans a century of America life and reminds us all that we can never truly leave the past behind.


Jill Meyer

The Latecomers By Helen Klein Ross

As I read Helen Klein Ross s new novel, The Latecomers , I was pretty sure of rating it a solid 4 out of 5 stars It was a well written novel about a multi generational family, centered around a house in Wellington, Connecticut The family, the Hollingworths, had wed, bred, and died in the house for y... (Sign in to see more)


The Latecomers By Helen Klein Ross

Well, if a book s author doesn t give it five stars, you have to wonder Full disclosure I am the author This book started out in the walls of an old house my husband and I were renovating in a small town in New England The house was built by the governor of Connecticut in 1853 In the library, there ... (Sign in to see more)


The Latecomers By Helen Klein Ross

Ooooo..that cover Exquisite 3


The Latecomers By Helen Klein Ross

The Latecomers by Helen Klein Ross is a multi generational story of an American family and the Irish immigrant with whom they share a secret Ross was inspired by a real 1853 Connecticut house, Holleywood The novel begins in 1908 when Bridey and Thom plan to secretly marry and immigrant to America be... (Sign in to see more)

Mary Lins

The Latecomers By Helen Klein Ross

Book addicts will relate to this that wonderful feeling of excitement and expectation as you hold in your hand a 400 page historical novel turn to the front and find an old and complicated Family Tree, and turning to the back you discover a Bibliography which included novels that you have read and l... (Sign in to see more)


The Latecomers By Helen Klein Ross

Everything I look for in a historical fictionan orphan Irish immigrants creepy family mysteries a huge old house Helen Klein Ross must have been reading my mind.


The Latecomers By Helen Klein Ross

I read an advanced copy of this book from Book of the Month I love historical fiction, especially when it s told through different viewpoints and jumps around in time It s like putting together a puzzle I can t get through it fast enough Yet I wanted to savor it as well and I also had to take breaks... (Sign in to see more)


The Latecomers By Helen Klein Ross

THE LATECOMERS is certainly one of the best novels of recent vintage I was so engrossed from the moment I met Bridey Molloy that I was unable to leave the book for a moment.Ross manages to combine the family history of Bridey and her son with that of the wealthy Hollinghursts, while incorporating th... (Sign in to see more)

Cathy Branciforte

The Latecomers By Helen Klein Ross

I have to say that I couldn t wait to read this book based on the description and it did not disappoint It was everything I thought it would be and a wonderful story that grabbed me right from the start, characters that I grew to love especially Bridey , and a real sense of time and place with peri... (Sign in to see more)


The Latecomers By Helen Klein Ross

I loved the premise of this book I love stories that span generations and have secrets and lies and tragedy and heartache That being said, I didn t love the execution of the story To me, it seemed like the second half of the book was very rushed The beginning was detailed and descriptive while the l... (Sign in to see more)

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