TitleRapid Falls
AuthorAmber Cowie
ImprintAmber Cowie Ltd
Sales rank4.5
FormatKindle Edition


Forgive and forget In this twisty thriller of psychological suspense, the past and present collide for two sisters who survived a tragedy and must now survive the truth behind it.It s been twenty years since Cara s boyfriend died in a horrible accident and her sister, Anna, went to prison The tragedy has become a local legend, but Cara has moved past her grief to have a successful career and a happy family Pity about Anna Recently released from incarceration, she s struggling with addiction, guilt, and shame a shattered life Cara s forgiveness seems to be the only thing that helps her pick up the pieces.But as Anna pulls herself together, her memories of that night on the bridge start to come into focus And few of them match her sister s.As past secrets unfold and nothing is what it seems any, Anna desperately searches for the truth But what if Cara doesn t want her to find it


Eliza Maxwell

Rapid Falls By Amber Cowie

In Rapid Falls, everyone is the good guy in their own story Like a spider spinning a web, Ms Cowie skillfully takes this notion and elevates it to a fantastically dark and dizzying place Say goodbye to any preconceived ideas about sisterhood, the power of grudges, or happily ever after, because this... (Sign in to see more)

Patricia Sands

Rapid Falls By Amber Cowie

Review to follow soon but just allow me to say FABULOUS DEBUT


Rapid Falls By Amber Cowie

So far this is the best fan fiction on this site, truly extraordinary..

Catherine McKenzie

Rapid Falls By Amber Cowie

I am very happy to find this site.

Karen McQuestion

Rapid Falls By Amber Cowie

I've finished reading, this is great

Emily Carpenter

Rapid Falls By Amber Cowie


Jo Furniss

Rapid Falls By Amber Cowie

Rapid Falls a very good book.


Rapid Falls By Amber Cowie


Dianne Freeman

Rapid Falls By Amber Cowie

I like to join on this site, here are many famous books.

Jennifer Klepper

Rapid Falls By Amber Cowie


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