AuthorGita Trelease
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Paris in 1789 is a labyrinth of twisted streets, filled with beggars, thieves, revolutionaries and magiciansWhen smallpox kills her parents, Camille Durbonne must find a way to provide for her frail, naive sister while managing her volatile brother Relying on petty magic la magie domestique Camille painstakingly transforms scraps of metal into money to buy the food and medicine they need But when the coins won t hold their shape and her brother disappears with the family s savings, Camille must pursue a richer, dangerous mark the glittering court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.With the dark magic she learned from her mother, Camille transforms herself into the Baroness de la Fontaine and is swept up into life at the Palace of Versailles, where aristocrats both fear and hunger for la magie Her resentment of the rich at odds with the allure of glamour and excess, Camille is astonished to find that her would be suitor Lazare, a handsome young inventor whom she thought shared her dreams of liberty, is also leading a double life.As the Baroness de la Fontaine, Camille gambles at cards and flirts, desperate to maintain her place at court and keep herself and her sister off the streets But la magie has its costs When a scheming courtier blackmails her and Lazare s affections shift, Camille loses control of her secrets Then revolution erupts, and she must choose love or loyalty, democracy or aristocracy, reality or la magie before Paris burns ENCHANT E is a thrilling YA historical fantasy that combines the decadence of Sofia Coppola s Marie Antoinette with the dangerous enchantments of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.


Paulo Ratz

Enchantée By Gita Trelease

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Camile Souza

Enchantée By Gita Trelease

So, I heard high praise for this YA, and it does sound really interesting I mean, not the typical YA fantasy powers Historical Paris with known historical figures Games in the Palace of Versailles Balloon flights Also I m not gonna lie and say that the protagonist having essentially the same name as... (Sign in to see more)

Cindy ✩☽ Savage Queen ♔

Enchantée By Gita Trelease

This sounds like my cup of tea When a scheming courtier blackmails her and Lazare s affections shift, Camille loses control of her secrets Me right away, knowing next to nothing about Lazare

Rebecca Allen

Enchantée By Gita Trelease

I am very happy to find this site.

Gabrielle Byrne

Enchantée By Gita Trelease

I've finished reading, this is great

Karin Lefranc

Enchantée By Gita Trelease


Michelle Leonard

Enchantée By Gita Trelease

Enchantée a very good book.

Jeff Giles

Enchantée By Gita Trelease


Ingrid César Fernandes

Enchantée By Gita Trelease

I like to join on this site, here are many famous books.

Emily Murphy

Enchantée By Gita Trelease


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