AuthorNico Walker
ImprintNico Walker Ltd
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Cleveland, Ohio, 2003 A young man is just a college freshman when he meets Emily They share a passion for Edward Albee and ecstasy and fall hard and fast in love But soon Emily has to move home to Elba, New York, and he flunks out of school and joins the army Desperate to keep their relationship alive, they marry before he ships out to Iraq But as an army medic, he is unprepared for the grisly reality that awaits him His fellow soldiers smoke they huff computer duster they take painkillers they watch porn And many of them die He and Emily try to make their long distance marriage work, but when he returns from Iraq, his PTSD is profound, and the drugs on the street have changed The opioid crisis is beginning to swallow up the Midwest Soon he is hooked on heroin, and so is Emily They attempt a normal life, but with their money drying up, he turns to the one thing he thinks he could be really good at robbing banks.Hammered out on a prison typewriter, Cherry marks the arrival of a raw, bleakly hilarious, and surprisingly poignant voice straight from the dark heart of America.



Cherry By Nico Walker

I don t care for addiction fiction I pretty much hated this book Repetitive Nothing particularly new There are indeed some good lines and some humor The ending is interesting in what it doesn t offer The misogyny is so thick it s almost funny Almost People are terrible and it s great when they are f... (Sign in to see more)


Cherry By Nico Walker

These sentences come at you like rapid fire and it took several pages for me to fall into the cadence This is a story of love, war, drug addiction and crime A fictionalized account of the author s life written while in prison, it is deeply depressing although not without flashes of humor The author ... (Sign in to see more)

Ron Charles

Cherry By Nico Walker

We ve heard these war stories before, in superb fiction and nonfiction by other soldiers But Nico Walker, 33, brings a raw and casual brutality to the narrative of battle His rambling collection of chaotic anecdotes involve drugs and porn, acts of cruelty and kindness, unending boredom pierced by sp... (Sign in to see more)


Cherry By Nico Walker

Nico Walker isn t your typical novelist For one, he wrote his debut novel, Cherry, in prison Not only that, but he remains in prison to this day In his expletive ridden, Hunter S Thompson esque, Ernest Hemingway ish, autobiographical novel, he tells us the story of how he got there In this starkly h... (Sign in to see more)

Chaunceton Bird

Cherry By Nico Walker

Not bad It s written well enough, and the story is compelling, but yeesh, what a groveling, complaining, myopic narrator Let s call a spade a spade here, this is an autobiography with the names changed This is Nico Walker s story And although it is well told, it is a dismal story of decline that is ... (Sign in to see more)


Cherry By Nico Walker

On a Highway to HellRed hot, Raw and Howling tour de force of Demoralization and Descent into the early 21st century Abaddon and Beelzebul of many young American men war and opioids the most powerful of which is heroin.Reminiscent of a roughcut Denis Johnson Jesus Son and of a shorter, a little less... (Sign in to see more)


Cherry By Nico Walker

Library Overdrive Audiobooknarrated by Jeremy Bobb.F cK.Crack smoke.Puke smelled like big BigMac sauce. Gary was a real mother sh t f cker but I already knew that..Brillo Pads Heroine shooting up at the old abandoned house..Emily was totally f cked True Love Romance We ll buy some pills, then shoot ... (Sign in to see more)


Cherry By Nico Walker

DNF 13%Here s the thing If you read Catcher in the Rye at the right age you think Holden Caulfield is great, you don t and you think he s unbearable Ditto here, and the writing wasn t engaging The blurb promised nonstop excitement ah, no I m bored I need than obvious observations and drug use to be... (Sign in to see more)


Cherry By Nico Walker

Many thanks to Knopf for providing my free copy of CHERRY by Nico Walker all opinions are my own.This is an intense, bleak, insightful, and poignant debut novel about war, crime, love, and addiction The language is explicit and unsettling This story is fictionalized but is based on the author s real... (Sign in to see more)


Cherry By Nico Walker

As previously stated in updates, to this reader, Nico Walker s Cherry reads as if Charles Bukowski wrote a memoir about a tour in Iraq while in the army and his return to the US while becoming a full fledged dope fiend The novel describes the narrator s journey from that of growing up in a privilege... (Sign in to see more)

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