TitleThe Power
AuthorNaomi Alderman
ImprintNaomi Alderman Ltd
Sales rank4.5


In THE POWER, the world is a recognizable place there s a rich Nigerian boy who lounges around the family pool a foster kid whose religious parents hide their true nature an ambitious American politician a tough London girl from a tricky family But then a vital new force takes root and flourishes, causing their lives to converge with devastating effect Teenage girls now have immense physical power they can cause agonizing pain and even death And, with this small twist of nature, the world drastically resets.


Emily May

The Power By Naomi Alderman

It doesn t matter that she shouldn t, that she never would What matters is that she could, if she wanted. TW rape.Ooh, this is a toughie I have a lot of mixed feelings about Alderman s The Power It s an intriguing and clever concept, but this never really translates into an engaging story.Im... (Sign in to see more)


The Power By Naomi Alderman

When a male friend found out I was reading a book in which all women simultaneously develop the power to electrocute people and subsequently seize control of society, he responded Tch, if that were the other way around, you d go mad NO SHIT SHERLOCK Damn right, the idea of a society in which one sex... (Sign in to see more)

Maggie Stiefvater

The Power By Naomi Alderman

Wow.I finished this novel at midnight last night and after I went to bed, I blinked into my pillow and tried to think of what words I would type into this box on Goodreads apart from that first one wow After a few minutes thought, I figured I could add intelligent and uncomfortable and thought provo... (Sign in to see more)


The Power By Naomi Alderman



The Power By Naomi Alderman

Seriously Christ this is a mess I m obviously wrong considering all the glowing praise and award winning going on here, but can t for the life of me understand what the fuss is about I mean, great concept but poor execution Way too many of the chapters felt off or forced, I didn t invest in... (Sign in to see more)

Kat O&

The Power By Naomi Alderman

a brilliant read that explores power and gender dynamics in a fascinating and thrilling way i do think this book favors the ideas and the writing over the story arc some parts weren t quite as cohesive as i would ve liked but i did still thoroughly enjoy this it was so captivating and frustrating an... (Sign in to see more)

Hannah Greendale

The Power By Naomi Alderman

Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend Roxy is a tenacious girl with an influential family Tunde enjoys lounging poolside after his photo journalism class Margot is a politician with grand aspirations and a vulnerable teenage daughter Allie is... (Sign in to see more)


The Power By Naomi Alderman

NOW AVAILABLE Sometimes it s good to go to war, just to know you can.i d enjoyed this author s kinda sorta The Secret History book, The Lessons, some years ago, and when i saw the cover and description for this one, i was very WANT for it so, first things first millions of thanks to lena for ... (Sign in to see more)

Elyse Walters

The Power By Naomi Alderman

Writing like this catches my attention There is a feeling in his hand as if some insect has stung him He looks down to swat it away, and the only thing on his hand is her warm palm The sensation grows, steadily and swiftly At first it is pinprick s in his hand and forearm, then the swarm buzzing pri... (Sign in to see more)

Emma Giordano

The Power By Naomi Alderman

DNF 50%I actually think this book is FANTASTIC It s extremely sophisticated, well written, and though provoking The issue is I m just really not engaged with it at the moment and feel there s no point in me continuing right now when I can barely retain the story I 100% intend on finishing the story ... (Sign in to see more)

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