TitleThis Alien Shore
AuthorC.S. Friedman
ImprintC.S. Friedman Ltd
Sales rank4.5
FormatMass Market Paperback


Sheltered all her life in a corporate satellite in Earth s outer orbit, Jamisia must face the truth about her origins and her role in the power struggle between the Guerans who dominate intergalactic transportation and the rest of Earth s far flung and genetically mutated colonies who are trying to break the Guera Guild s monopoly.


Aldous Mercer

This Alien Shore By C.S. Friedman

TL DR version The bastard love child of Dune and Neuromancer, but the awesome kind of bastard child, the one that ends up forging his own destiny and writing his name in the stars.Longer version I read this book as a teenager, and was deeply affected by it Later, I read it as an adult, as was not qu... (Sign in to see more)


This Alien Shore By C.S. Friedman

5.0 stars would give it if i could This is the sixth book of C S Friedman s that I have read and they have all been outstanding and several of them including this one are on my list of all time favorites This book has a massive scope and is some of the best world building I have ever seen especiall... (Sign in to see more)


This Alien Shore By C.S. Friedman

This book was incredible It reads like a thriller and has some incredible world building This is in the far future Mankind s first experience had tragic effects It scarred the early pioneers and destroyed spaceflight on the homeworld In this future, there are many innovations This is yet another boo... (Sign in to see more)


This Alien Shore By C.S. Friedman

3 stars

Kat Hooper

This Alien Shore By C.S. Friedman

4.5 stars Originally posted at Fantasy Literature.This Alien Shore is another outstanding science fiction novel by an author who I ve come to respect immensely for her extraordinarily creative worlds, fascinating ideas, complex characters, and elegant prose If there s one flaw from my perspective wi... (Sign in to see more)


This Alien Shore By C.S. Friedman

Transcendently good, pardigm shifting, mind blowing SF Can t say enough good things about this book I haven t read an SF book that made me think this much since I first read Neal Stephenson s Snow Crash ultimate high praise coming from me.The novel deals with the cost to humans of interstellar trave... (Sign in to see more)


This Alien Shore By C.S. Friedman

I ve said this many, many times this year, and I m gonna say it again Thisbook was great, but just far too long I was thoroughly enjoying until thehalfway point when the storyline just began to drag on and on and on I wasreally glad when it was done A sci fi novel set in the distant future,when huma... (Sign in to see more)


This Alien Shore By C.S. Friedman

The first age of spaceflight ended abruptly when it was discovered that the faster than light drive had side effects, altering the genetics of those who used it, which already included millions of colonists bound for different worlds Earth shut down all travel and left the colonies isolated to survi... (Sign in to see more)


This Alien Shore By C.S. Friedman

Stuff I Read This Alien Shore by C.S Friedman ReviewThis is my first taste of C.S Friedman s writing, though I ve meant to read the Coldfire books for quite some time It just never worked out, though now I might have to try even harder, because This Alien Shore is a very interesting book that explor... (Sign in to see more)

S.A. Parham

This Alien Shore By C.S. Friedman

I hadn t realized I d read anything by Friedman before, until I glanced inside the cover and saw Black Sun Rising This led me to anticipate a good read, an expectation that was not disappointed The science is explained in layman s terms, including the computer hacking that is central to the book s p... (Sign in to see more)

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