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What is it about evil that we find so compelling From our obsession with serial killers to violence in pop culture, we seem inescapably drawn to the stories of monstrous acts and the aberrant people who commit them But evil, Dr Julia Shaw argues, is all relative, rooted in our unique cultures What one may consider normal, like sex before marriage, eating meat, or being a banker, others find abhorrent And if evil is only in the eye of the beholder, can it be said to exist at all In Evil, Shaw uses case studies from academia, examples from and popular culture, and anecdotes from everyday life to break down complex information and concepts like the neuroscience of evil, the psychology of bloodlust, and workplace misbehavior This is a wide ranging exploration into a fascinating, darkly compelling subject.



Evil By Julia Shaw

As this is a popular science book, I didn t expect to be confronted with rigorous academic postulations and intricate arguments that can only be understood by insiders, but this was way too shallow for my taste and I am not an expert in any of the fields Shaw discusses I really wanted to like this, ... (Sign in to see more)


Evil By Julia Shaw

There is an old illusion It is called good and evil.Fredrick NietzscheEvil The Science Behind Humanity s Dark Side by Julia Shaw is a study of evil and an attempt to define evil Shaw is a German Canadian psychologist and popular science writer who specializes in false memories She started a BSc in p... (Sign in to see more)


Evil By Julia Shaw

What is evil What makes certain choices and actions evil Does evil exist independently Or does it need an oppositegoodto manifest Is evil subjective.or universal Dr Julia Shaw takes a close in depth look at evil in her new book But this isn t the sort of book that most might expect It isn t a bloody... (Sign in to see more)

Lolly K Dandeneau

Evil By Julia Shaw

via my blog Without understanding, we risk dehumanizing others, writing off human beings simply because we don t comprehend them That is a loaded sentence and Evil is a strange beast, one we can t ever contain because it s slippery The face of evil changes with time, what is evil today may be the no... (Sign in to see more)

Aaron Schmuhl

Evil By Julia Shaw

So, this is a hard book to review It s mostly hard because I don t want it to seem like I think it s a bad book, but the alternative is that there really isn t anything to hang your hat on with it The cover says The Science Behind Humanity s Dark Side, but that really isn t what the book is about Ye... (Sign in to see more)


Evil By Julia Shaw

As an ethics instructor, I am delighted to have read Julia Shaw s book, Evil The Science Behind Humanity s Dark Side Dr Shaw does an outstanding job of elucidating the nuances of a rich bio psycho social perspective of despicable behavior Now, I have a wealth of great examples, provocative research ... (Sign in to see more)

Antonio Delgado

Evil By Julia Shaw

This book is an accessible approach to the problem of evil without the academic jargon but with the proper academic and responsible rigor Offering than answers, Julia Shaw takes us to question a priori conception s of evil Simply put it, it is easy to use the later of evil than to deal with reality... (Sign in to see more)


Evil By Julia Shaw

I won an uncorrected proof of this book through a Giveaway At last A book addressing that most elusive of topics Evil Dr Julia Shaw, criminologist psychologist, is quite an expert on the subject In this devourable book, she explores evil in all its inhuman guises sadism, slavery, cyber... (Sign in to see more)

Lynn Coulter

Evil By Julia Shaw

I m not confident at all about sharing my opinions of Julia Shaw s new book, Evil the Science Behind Humanity s Dark Side After all, Ms Shaw is a senior lecturer in psychology and criminology at London South Bank University, and I have expertise in neither field But I just can t agree with the concl... (Sign in to see more)


Evil By Julia Shaw

When we talk about evil, we tend to turn our attention to Hitler This catchy first sentence begins Dr Julia Shaw s excellent, up to date analysis She points out that, on the internet, it seems as if every comment thread will eventually lead to a Hitler comparison But, as Hitler has become a synonym ... (Sign in to see more)

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