TitleLa face cachée de Margo
AuthorJohn Green
ImprintJohn Green Ltd
Sales rank4.5
FormatKindle Edition


Margo Roth Spiegelman, le nom aux six syllabes qui fait fantasmer Quentin depuis toujours Alors forc ment, quand elle s introduit dans sa chambre, une nuit, par la fen tre ouverte, pour l entra ner dans une exp dition vengeresse, il la suit.Mais au lendemain de leur folle nuit blanche, Margo n appara t pas au lyc e Elle a disparu.Quentin saura t il d crypter les indices qu elle lui a laiss s pour la retrouver Plus il s en approche, plus Margo semble lui chapper crit par l auteur de Nos toiles contraires, ce roman a re u le Prix Edgar Allan Poe 2009 et fut lu livre favori en 2009 par les adolescents et les biblioth caires aux tats Unis American Library Association.


Jamie Felton

La face cachée de Margo By John Green

I need to start off with my criticism of John Green 1 Margo and Quentin are exactly the same people as Colin and Katherine and Miles and Alaska Quentin Colin Miles is this very thoughtful, somewhat nerdy young man who is on the cusp of fucking reaching out and grabbing life by the balls however he c... (Sign in to see more)


La face cachée de Margo By John Green

Why so many good ratings for this book It could basically be called Looking for Margo, or Paper Alaska, because it s the same formula, again and again How many books can he write about an unbelievable teenager secretely loving another unbelievable teenager Everything was so absurd, Quentin s parents... (Sign in to see more)

Sasha Alsberg

La face cachée de Margo By John Green

I enjoyed Paper Towns but did not love it as much as Johns other work The ending was not as fulfilling as I hoped.3.5 5 stars Xx

Emily May

La face cachée de Margo By John Green

Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will, she says But then again, if you don t imagine, nothing ever happens at all I already said this in a status update but I am so glad I reread Paper Towns I first read it years ago back before I d heard of vlogbrothers, back when John Green was o... (Sign in to see more)


La face cachée de Margo By John Green

beatlemania is nothing compared to what i feel for john green right now this book was the perfect palate cleanser between all the dark apocalyptic stuff i have been shoving in my face i have been reading so much dystopian YA that i forgot there were other options i bought this ages ago, because i re... (Sign in to see more)


La face cachée de Margo By John Green

The following is quite a lot of dribble that I felt the need to get off my chestHmmmwhat to say I m kind of perplexed by this book I know I never want to read the name Margo Roth Spielgelman ever again, that s for sure The characters apart from the previously named were fantastic and very believable... (Sign in to see more)

K.D. Absolutely

La face cachée de Margo By John Green

Mirroring is a concept in psychology where a person can know himself better by soliciting feedbacks from other people who he interacts with either at home or at work Last weekend, I attended a company sponsored teambuilding session and the facilitator used this I got some good feedbacks that confirm... (Sign in to see more)


La face cachée de Margo By John Green

2 5 Stars What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is than a person Oh boi This motherfucking book Let me talk to you about this book I HATED THE GUTS OUT OF IT I have never given this kind of low rating to a book, I guess it s time And I would have given it less stars but I gifted it half... (Sign in to see more)


La face cachée de Margo By John Green

I was pretty disappointed in Paper Towns I am a big fan of John Green but found this book plodding and boring I hated the Margo character and thought that Q was a big whiner His obsession with Margo, who he didn t really even know, was really annoying I realize that this was one of the messages of t... (Sign in to see more)

L DelaRG

La face cachée de Margo By John Green

Oh dear lord, I found this book immensely irritating.I ve only just finished reading Looking For Alaska which was an okay book and thus it was immediately apparent that this book was EXACTLY LIKE LOOKING FOR ALASKA It had the same geeky male character The same kooky aka annoying female character The... (Sign in to see more)

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