TitleFruitless Fall
AuthorRowan Jacobsen
ImprintRowan Jacobsen Ltd
Sales rank4.5


How the disappearance of the world s honeybee population puts the food we eat at risk Many people will remember that Rachel Carson predicted a silent spring, but she also warned of a fruitless fall, a time when there was no pollination and there would be no fruit The fruitless fall nearly became a reality last year when beekeepers watched one third of the honeybee population thirty billion bees mysteriously die The deaths have continued in 2008 Rowan Jacobsen uses the mystery of Colony Collapse Disorder to tell the bigger story of bees and their essential connection to our daily lives With their disappearance, we won t just be losing honey Industrial agriculture depends on the honeybee to pollinate most fruits, nuts, and vegetables one third of American crops Yet this system is falling apart The number of these professional pollinators has become so inadequate that they are now trucked across the country and flown around the world, pushing them ever closer to collapse By exploring the causes of CCD and the even chilling decline of wild pollinators, Fruitless Fall does than just highlight this growing agricultural crisis It emphasizes the miracle of flowering plants and their pollination partners, and urges readers not to take for granted the Edenic garden Homo sapiens has played in since birth Our world could have been utterly different and may be still.


Bob Redmond

Fruitless Fall By Rowan Jacobsen

This book is a life changer One of the most compelling books I ve ever read, it tells about how our food system is dependent on honey bees, how the bees hives and system of life is collapsing, why, and what needs to happen Moreover, Jacobsen describes the pollination system so well, he s able to sug... (Sign in to see more)


Fruitless Fall By Rowan Jacobsen

In 2008, I read over 30 books about bees for a project I was doing My father told me about this newly released bee book, and I simply had to get my hands on it Rowan Jacobsen s book talks about bees, but it also examines their impact on agriculture and their importance in global ecology I found the ... (Sign in to see more)

Kylie Sparks

Fruitless Fall By Rowan Jacobsen

I bring home plenty of nonfiction books, but I almost never read them After a few pages my eyes glaze over and I switch to fiction This book was a huge surprise to me I picked it up because I really wanted to know what was going on with the bees disappearing I thought that I would just skim it and r... (Sign in to see more)


Fruitless Fall By Rowan Jacobsen

At last, the sun dips behind the hillside and the wispy heat evaporates into space The chill is instant The gardens, abuzz with purpose only seconds ago, go silent I admit, this was my take on all bees Eh, who am I kidding, I still get squirrely around bees.This book helped me understand t... (Sign in to see more)


Fruitless Fall By Rowan Jacobsen

I m sure I was a beekeeper in another life I would love to be one now The author explains in interesting detail all about bees lives what great little union workers they are Bees are amazing insects and we won t have much of a life without them This book is a real wake up call to what we are doing t... (Sign in to see more)


Fruitless Fall By Rowan Jacobsen

I read a lot of books about bees, but this one is definitely the best one so far The author writes conversationally and weaves in tons of fun facts I learned so much If you ve wanted to know know about honey bees or about agriculture or about the history of flowering plants or about the future of p... (Sign in to see more)

else fine

Fruitless Fall By Rowan Jacobsen

A clear, concise overview of Colony Collapse Disorder and what it means for our continued ability to eat food It s the descriptions of bee society and of the beekeepers who are fighting for their livelihood that keep the book from veering into dryness These beekeepers, like their bees, are fascinati... (Sign in to see more)


Fruitless Fall By Rowan Jacobsen

I used this book in part to help with my writing topic on yoga and bees and how they connect Here is one thing that really stuck out to me from page 253 254 McInnes has spent a decade researching the role of glycogen in enhancing restorative sleep the type of deep sleep when most healing and growing... (Sign in to see more)


Fruitless Fall By Rowan Jacobsen

This was an enlightening book, not just about honeybees, but about the brokenness and precariousness of our entire food system The planting of monocultures is detrimental to pollinators, nature, and ourselves Bees are uprooted and brought by the millions of hives to pollinate these monocultures almo... (Sign in to see more)

T.H. Waters

Fruitless Fall By Rowan Jacobsen

I ve always been fascinated by bees, but Fruitless Fall has made me an even bigger fan of these little fellas than ever before and also made me realize just how dependent our society has become upon their health and ability to thrive Before reading this book I had no idea that the apple, blueberry, ... (Sign in to see more)

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