TitleOne Long Night
AuthorAndrea Pitzer
ImprintAndrea Pitzer Ltd
Sales rank4.5
FormatKindle Edition


Masterly The New Yorker A Smithsonian Magazine Best History Book of the YearA groundbreaking, haunting, and profoundly moving history of modernity s greatest tragedy concentration campsFor over 100 years, at least one concentration camp has existed somewhere on Earth First used as battlefield strategy, camps have evolved with each passing decade, in the scope of the


Susan Csoke

One Long Night By Andrea Pitzer

Both my father and grandfather were detained in concentration camps during the holocaust in Hungary One Long Night is an excellent book of documentation of concentration camps, includes a section of interesting photos Thank you Goodreads for this free book


One Long Night By Andrea Pitzer

The protection and support we get from our civilization is tissue thin With the right set of circumstances, a concentration camp is waiting for us all Horrifying.

Claire Westenhaver-Loretz

One Long Night By Andrea Pitzer

Well researched, brilliant, and soul crushing I appreciate the author made no attempt to sugar coat history yet begs the reader to pay attention to acts past and present Everyone should read this book.

Adam McPhee

One Long Night By Andrea Pitzer

The lesson that was taught and taught again but not learned in the postwar era of concentration camps was that emergency laws in combination with demonization of military or political opposition led to a downward spiral and systemic atrocity Moreover, when these counterinsurgency tactics appeare... (Sign in to see more)


One Long Night By Andrea Pitzer

I would like to start with a few quotes which capture what Pitzer is trying to get across Honorable people can do terrible things p 403 The use of concentration camps changes the world, but going forward, the most predictable outcome of their use is a world with camps p 400 Even isolated from the w... (Sign in to see more)

Rachel Rideout

One Long Night By Andrea Pitzer

I would recommend that everyone read this book, as the author doesn t shy away from the grim details of life in the concentration camps It is very well written and I learned so much new information.

Tess Huelskamp

One Long Night By Andrea Pitzer

CW Concentration campsOne Long Night follows survivors first hand experience through concentration camps from the mid 1800 s through 2017 This book was highly educational as, prior to reading this book, I had only known about the holocaust I found it particularly interesting to learn how the intensi... (Sign in to see more)

Dylan Bateman

One Long Night By Andrea Pitzer

The last moment in time when no concentration camps existed was than a century ago that moment seems unlikely to come again This history is as important now as it ever was.

Joe Kessler

One Long Night By Andrea Pitzer

When we think or talk about concentration camps, we often and understandably limit our focus to the atrocities of Nazi Germany, which cannot be overstated Yet that program did not arise in a vacuum, and in this book, author Andrea Pitzer traces the concept of mass civilian detention from its modern ... (Sign in to see more)

Liya Djamilova

One Long Night By Andrea Pitzer

Very depressing, as one could expect However, if one is interested in the subject, it is great A lot of things i had no idea about.

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