TitleBig Chicken
AuthorMaryn McKenna
ImprintMaryn McKenna Ltd
Sales rank4.5


In this eye opening expose, acclaimed health journalist and National Geographic contributor Maryn McKenna documents how antibiotics transformed chicken from local delicacy to industrial commodity and human health threat uncovering the ways we can make America s favorite meat safer again.What you eat matters for your health, for the environment, and for future generations In this riveting investigative narrative, McKenna dives deep into the world of modern agriculture by way of chicken from the farm where it s raised directly to your dinner table Consumed than any other meat in the United States, chicken is emblematic of today s mass food processing practices and their profound influence on our lives and health Tracing its meteoric rise from scarce treat to ubiquitous global commodity, McKenna reveals the astounding role of antibiotics in industrial farming, documenting how and why wonder drugs revolutionized the way the world eats and not necessarily for the better Rich with scientific, historical, and cultural insights, this spellbinding cautionary tale shines a light on one of America s favorite foods and shows us the way to safer, healthier eating for ourselves and our children.



Big Chicken By Maryn McKenna

At this moment, most meat animals, across most of the planet, are raised with the assistance of doses of antibiotics on most days or their lives 63,151 tons of antibiotics per year, about 126 million pounds Farmers began using the drugs because antibiotics allowed animals to convert feed to tast... (Sign in to see more)


Big Chicken By Maryn McKenna

If you re curious about what goes into the food we eat, I would recommend you take a look at this book In very understandable terms, the author describes antibiotic resistance and its harm to animals and humans.


Big Chicken By Maryn McKenna

What a fascinating book It starts with the history of chicken farming and moves on to how industrial farming of chicken and other livestock also, but especially chicken has been a much bigger contributor to antibiotic resistance than human medical use.Quick takeaways 1 I think this is best read in c... (Sign in to see more)


Big Chicken By Maryn McKenna

A very readable, well researched history of antibiotic use in chickens Although 400 pages seems a bit much for the nonspecialist, every chapter is relevant Beginning in the 1940s as a growth enhancer, antibiotic use became widespread and difficult to eliminate because it made possible industrialized... (Sign in to see more)

Alex Strick van Linschoten

Big Chicken By Maryn McKenna

This book is all about how industrial farming s use of antibiotics is causing resistant strains to emerge for humans McKenna has to cover a large swathe of material, and this book is engagingly written with a mix of personal stories and investigation Two points of detraction the unblinking focus on ... (Sign in to see more)

Jonathan Karmel

Big Chicken By Maryn McKenna

Bacteria are constantly evolving to develop resistance to antibiotics Antimicrobial resistance is a huge public health problem, because a growing number of people are getting diseases that cannot be cured by standard antibiotics such as penicillin Maryn McKenna is sounding the alarm that there may c... (Sign in to see more)

Trey Rice

Big Chicken By Maryn McKenna

This book is an excellent discussion and expose on the story of how antibiotics and medicine in chickens have altered the effectiveness of antibiotics on humans The material is well researched, and provides a critical look at the various aspects of growing, expanding the analysis outside of simply c... (Sign in to see more)


Big Chicken By Maryn McKenna

I have to admit that sometimes I get conscious consumer fatigue and just buy cheap food at the discount grocery We re all going to die eventually though it often seems imminent these days so what s the difference between a 1.69 chicken breast family pack and the air chilled locally raised butchered... (Sign in to see more)


Big Chicken By Maryn McKenna

Absolutely terrifying Humanity is in a race to end it allwill it be resistant bacteria Nuclear war or climate change Like all other things, antibiotics and farming is all money and big corporations who don t care about people, they only care about making money as cheaply as possible and their bottom... (Sign in to see more)


Big Chicken By Maryn McKenna

Very good Though long, don t let that scare you off Not dry or boring It is info you will want to know for your own good.

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