TitleAdvances in Agricultural Animal Welfare
AuthorJoy Mench
ImprintJoy Mench Ltd
Sales rank4.5


Advances in Agricultural Animal Welfare fully explores developments in the key areas of agricultural animal welfare assessment and improvement Analyzing current topical issues, as well as reviewing the historical welfare issues, the volume is a comprehensive review of the field.Divided into five sections, the book opens in Part One by reviewing advances in animal welfare science, examining cognitive psychology, genetics and genomics Part Two then looks at transdisciplinary research in animal welfare, with coverage of bioethics, welfare and sustainability from both environmental and food safety perspectives Part Three explores the process of translating science into policy and practice, followed by discussion on the global achievability of welfare standards in Part Four Finally, Part Five highlights some emerging issues in agricultural animal welfare.This book is an essential part of the wider ranging series Advances in Farm Animal Welfare, with coverage of cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry and aquaculture.With its expert editor and international team of contributors, Advances in Agricultural Animal Welfare is a key reference tool for welfare research scientists and students, practicing vets involved in welfare assessment, and indeed anyone with a professional interest in the welfare of agricultural animals.Provides in depth reviews of emerging topics, research and applications in agricultural animal welfareProvides coverage of topics important to all agricultural animals and complements the wider series, Agricultural Animal Welfare, which will provide comprehensive coverage of animal welfare of the world s major farmed animalsEdited by a world leading animal welfare academic, with contributions from a writing team of both leading academics and practitioners


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Advances in Agricultural Animal Welfare By Joy Mench

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Advances in Agricultural Animal Welfare By Joy Mench

I really like story Advances in Agricultural Animal Welfare . I didn't expect it would be this good. I really hope the author will continue to update the story. this has a lot of potential, I hope you won't just give up. Keep working well, please.


Advances in Agricultural Animal Welfare By Joy Mench

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