TitleHoplite (Alien War #1)
AuthorIsaac Hooke
ImprintIsaac Hooke Ltd
Sales rank4.5
FormatKindle Edition


A warlike alien race A stranded platoon One man s fight to save his brothers and humanity itself from total annihilation Rade Galaal and his elite team are dispatched to the farthest reaches of known space to investigate the disappearance of a classified new supercarrier Equipped with Hoplites, powerful battle suits laden with enough firepower to raze a small city, Rade and his team explore the barren world where the starship issued its final transmission But shortly after they land, things start to go very wrong Cut off from the fleet, stranded on an unforgiving planet, and surrounded by hostiles, Rade and his men find themselves fighting for their very lives against a seemingly unstoppable foe Even the awesome firepower of the Hoplites might not be enough Can Rade overcome his demons in time to save the platoon, or will his team become the first casualty of the coming Alien War Book one of a military science fiction trilogy, Hoplite ends in a cliffhanger Book two, Zeus, is available now For fans of Starship Troopers, Armor, and Old Man s War.


Mick Bird

Hoplite (Alien War #1) By Isaac Hooke

Enjoyable readingAgain the readers have been given a great start to yet another excellent series by Isaac Hooke We see a team of moths deployed to a planet looking for any survivors from a missing warship But they are attacked by a alien forces of which they have never seen before.


Hoplite (Alien War #1) By Isaac Hooke

Man, I really like this author I just recently found Isaac Hooke by reading his A Captain s Crucible series, which I hope hasn t ended yet There were three books in that series and each was excellent There was even one minor character, Rade Galaal, who was identified as a MOTH MQbile Tactical Human ... (Sign in to see more)

Mark Zanghetti

Hoplite (Alien War #1) By Isaac Hooke

This was a great read with fun and engaging characters, this book was the first volume in a trilogy and I read it in one sitting, it is fast paced and the characters are exactly that I found myself laughing at them and at times with them I could also find the main character one Leading Petty Officer... (Sign in to see more)

Alex M. Peterson

Hoplite (Alien War #1) By Isaac Hooke

Glad Rade Rage is back This is a super great book, I love the whole concept of ATLASES and Hoplites and soon as I get the next book Zeuses If you like sci fi books this is a great choice to read


Hoplite (Alien War #1) By Isaac Hooke

Exciting read Great read, and action packed I can t wait to start the next book in the series I love that the author released all 3 at the same time It makes it so much better when you don t habe to wait around for the next book.

Preston Dannelley

Hoplite (Alien War #1) By Isaac Hooke

Kicking robot buttI actually started reading Mr Hooke further down the line,which encouraged me to buy this trilogy as I knew I wouldn t be disappointed and I was right If you ve already started in another thread,don t sorry your enjoyment will not suffer


Hoplite (Alien War #1) By Isaac Hooke

I m having an oops I did it again Britney Spears moment Oops, I started another trilogy I wish I hadn t.

Scott Holstad

Hoplite (Alien War #1) By Isaac Hooke

Book One of a new military sci fi trilogy Very action packed The series shows promise Reminded me of Starship Troopers, maybe on steroids Good stuff Recommended.


Hoplite (Alien War #1) By Isaac Hooke

Good startThis is a good start of a new war, the ending was very sudden but it makes sense when you get to it.


Hoplite (Alien War #1) By Isaac Hooke

Ok, story about the characters short skirmishes than an overarching plot Hard to get into because the big picture is missing, and the fight is against AIs, not natural beings.

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