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This is Best Selling Author, Catherine Mason Thomas s latest manual for experiencing life alcohol freeCatherine is THE STOP DRINKING COACHHow this book will help youFor this book and for your Dry September, I am YOUR Stop Drinking Coach.This book is written specifically with the monthly Dry challenges in mind The book explains twenty proven strategies for staying dry for a month and doing this joyously Get this book today You ll be so glad you did Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device.Also, don t forget to check the FREE bonus book, ALCOHOL FREE DRINKS at the end of this book Dry September is a great challenge and you will feel massively good about yourself if you complete it You may have misgivings or you may be one hundred per cent committed You may have decided to do the challenge on a whim or because someone said you would not be able to do it You may have been bounced into it or guilted into it It does not matter how shaky or confident you are at the start, the prize is to complete this month alcohol free.I am going to show you the secrets to staying alcohol free for the whole month and how to do it effortlessly and joyously.How can I help you Well, I am a qualified coach specializing in Stop Drinking and living alcohol free and experience rich I am a leading writer of Stop Drinking books and am an Best Selling Author in Self Help and Medical books So, together, we can make sure that you can do this.So, why read this particular book I am a How To coach You may have loads of support from friends and family and that is wonderful but there may be moments in the month where you really need a boot up the rear or a set of strategies to keep you away from temptation or to keep you fired up.If you want memoirs about drinking misery, or the message that you are not in control of alcohol I am not the right coach for you I don t do pity parties about how boring or miserable being alcohol, free is If that is what you want, stop reading now What I can help you with is twenty proven strategies or hacks to stay true to your goalIf you stick with me and use the hacks in this book, I will help you get to October with that sense of I did it In the process, you will discover that you can achieve just about anything if you commit and act Using Catherine s strategies, your month alcohol free will be eye opening, freeing and life changing.Catherine Mason Thomas is the STOP DRINKING COACH Catherine is the Best Selling author of non fiction manuals and guides to LIVING LIFE ALCOHOL FREE AND EXPERIENCE RICH Catherine s books for Kindle and in paperback are written in a practical and positive way to help readers reassess their relationship with alcohol, either temporarily or permanently It is all about arming yourself with the tools and motivation to dial down alcohol and release your potential to do anything you want Tags stop drinking, dryathlon, alcohol addiction, alcohol addiction treatment, alcohol addiction solutions, alcohol addicition cure, how to stop drinking, stop drinking now, stop drinking alcohol, get sober, stay sober, quitting alcohol, stop alcohol addiction, stop drinking and start living, stop drinking stay sober, stop drinking the easy way, alcohol abuse, alcoholism, alcoholism recovery, alcohol recovery.



Alcohol By Catherine Mason Thomas

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Alcohol By Catherine Mason Thomas

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Andrew Rutherford

Alcohol By Catherine Mason Thomas

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Alcohol By Catherine Mason Thomas

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Alcohol By Catherine Mason Thomas

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Alcohol By Catherine Mason Thomas


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Alcohol By Catherine Mason Thomas

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Alcohol By Catherine Mason Thomas



Alcohol By Catherine Mason Thomas

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