AuthorElspeth Muir
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In 2009 Elspeth Muir s youngest brother, Alexander, finished his last university exam and went out with some mates on the town Later that night he wandered to the Story Bridge He put his phone, wallet, T shirt and thongs on the walkway, climbed over the railing, and jumped thirty metres into the Brisbane River below.Three days passed before police divers pulled his body out of the water When Alexander had drowned, his blood alcohol reading was almost five times the legal limit for driving.Why do some of us drink so much, and what happens when we do Fewer young Australians are drinking heavily, but the rates of alcohol abuse and associated problems from blackouts to sexual assaults and one punch killings are undiminished.Intimate and beautifully told, Wasted illuminates the sorrows, and the joys, of drinking.



Wasted By Elspeth Muir

I wish he hadn t had the opportunity, liquored up and full of bravado, or sadness, or whatever he was feeling, to fly off the side of the bridge Because, although I always knew in theory that the inexplicable, untimely death of someone I loved unreservedly would be awful, what was impossible to know... (Sign in to see more)


Wasted By Elspeth Muir

Powerful, stunning work Part memoir part investigation into wider Australian drinking culture I am going to be recommending this book to anyone who will listen to me.

Andrew McMillen

Wasted By Elspeth Muir

One recent evening while walking home after dinner and drinks with some colleagues, I came across a young man who was passed out, facedown, on a thin strip of grass beside a busy street in inner city Brisbane Removing my earphones, I greeted him and asked if he needed help or if I could call him a t... (Sign in to see more)


Wasted By Elspeth Muir

A compelling and compassionate read about the devastating impacts of alcohol abuse seen through the eyes of a young Australian woman whose younger brother died following a drunken exploit.To read my review in full, please visit my blog.

Text Publishing

Wasted By Elspeth Muir

Wasted barrels headfirst into the alcohol soaked heart of Australia to report on our fraught love affair with drinking With this story, which is as complex, bittersweet and rich as youth itself, Muir uses memoir and journalism for a sobering, heartbreaking exploration of what alcohol gives to y... (Sign in to see more)


Wasted By Elspeth Muir

Two things to get off my chest about Elspeth Muir s memoir, Wasted 1 This is an extremely important book that examines the impact of alcohol on a family and, in doing so, highlights the fact that drinking to excess is normalised in Australian culture.2 In my opinion, this book was robbed it really s... (Sign in to see more)


Wasted By Elspeth Muir

The book is a part memoir, part investigation into the impact of alcohol in Australia It stemmed from the tragic death of the author s 21 year old brother and traces his and her alcoholic antics There is a bit about the comparison with the drinking habits in South America, a bit about sexual assaul... (Sign in to see more)


Wasted By Elspeth Muir

This is a story of family and drinking and death and drinking again It s a memoir of losing a brother and an exploration of drinking And I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about this book.Maybe it s the similarities and the differences with my own life The author and her brothers are similar... (Sign in to see more)


Wasted By Elspeth Muir

Elspeth Muir s Wasted is a powerful and important exploration into the place of alcohol in Australia, from our backyard barbecues and family celebrations, to the nightclubbing and binge drinking lifestyle of people in their twenties, to the annual beachside booze powered romp that is Schoolies on th... (Sign in to see more)


Wasted By Elspeth Muir

This book tells the story of Elspeth Muir s grief following her brother s death He died after jumping into the Brisbane River while incredibly intoxicated.The main problem with this book is that it doesn t know what it wants to be The first section is excellent and contains some of the best writing ... (Sign in to see more)

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