AuthorPeter G. Tsouras
ImprintPeter G. Tsouras Ltd
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In the Battle of Gettysburg, the difference between victory and defeat was as narrow and sharp as a knife edge And in those three horrific days of sweltering heat and roaring cannon fire, the outcome was decided not only by acts of courage and strategic decisions but by the character of the players, complex relationships, and pure coincidence What if a few key factors had gone another way What if Robert E Lee s brilliant young cavalry commander Jeb Stewart had arrived earlier than the second day of battle What if Pickett s Charge had been swifter and stronger What if the Army of the Potomac was commanded by the daring Winfield Hancock instead of the cautious George Meade Gettysburg fuses a chaotic clash of arms with a keen vision of how wars are fought and won or lost Most of all, this is a monumental, blow by blow reimagining of one of history s most famous battles the men who shaped it, the events it triggered, and the way it might have been.



Gettysburg By Peter G. Tsouras

Unlike some authors who use alternate history as a springboard to tell political or social stories, this really IS just an alternate history story, the tale of what might have happened in the great battle at Gettysburg In some ways, that weakens the book s impact, because Tsouras makes no real attem... (Sign in to see more)

Charles van Buren

Gettysburg By Peter G. Tsouras

Unlikely outcome, September 18, 2016This review is from Gettysburg An Alternate History Paperback In this amazing book things go right for the Arny of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg which results in the catastrophic loss of the battle and eventually the war Stuart arrives on July 1st Ewell is aggr... (Sign in to see more)


Gettysburg By Peter G. Tsouras

I ve always been a great fan of Alternate History But i think i d prefer it in full novel mode while this book tries to be the middle ground between a pure chronology or diary of the famous battle and a novel telling us about persons living through it.Therefore i had a lot of trouble following the f... (Sign in to see more)


Gettysburg By Peter G. Tsouras

Painstakingly detailed book that presents an alternative history of the battle of Gettysburg Tsouras certainly has produced a well researched product, as the mountain of footnotes can attest to If you are a Civil War buff this will probably be a really fun book for you For the layman it is really pr... (Sign in to see more)

Matthew Lemieux

Gettysburg By Peter G. Tsouras

frustrating read the alternate history selling point is misleading because we think Mr tsouras actually cooked up a strategy in which in the Confederacy can win but it s merely the same battle with several tweaked events occurring.

Nicole Radcliffe

Gettysburg By Peter G. Tsouras

I m interested in what really happened at Gettysburg rather than this what could have happened scenario.

M. Lerp

Gettysburg By Peter G. Tsouras

Huh I can t help but wonder why this ebook didn t download properly I only got a few pages so there s no way that I review it

Brian Sweetman

Gettysburg By Peter G. Tsouras

Get it Read it Enjoy it immensely

Andreas Andersson

Gettysburg By Peter G. Tsouras

I like to join on this site, here are many famous books.

Eric Williams

Gettysburg By Peter G. Tsouras


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