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In these lively and fascinating essays, scientists from around the world weigh in on the latest advances in the search for intelligent life in the universe and discuss just what that might look like Since 2000, science has seen a surge in data and interest on several fronts related to E.T extraterrestrials A.I artificial intelligence and SETI search for extraterrestrial intelligence The debate has intensified over whether life exists outside our solar system, what that life would look like, and whether we ll ever make contact.Included here are essays from a broad spectrum of the scientific community cosmologists, astrophysicists, NASA planetary scientists, and geneticists, to name just a few, discussing the latest research and theories relating to alien life Some of the topics include If life exists somewhere in space, what are the odds that it evolves into something we would recognize as intelligent What will space travel look like in the future, and will it all be done by cyborg technology How long until we are ruled by robot overlords This is actually a serious consideration Are we simply a simulation in the mind of some supreme being, acting out a virtual reality game For those who have ever wondered, Is there anybody out there here are the latest theories and evidence that move us closer to answering that question.



Aliens By Jim Al-Khalili

Alan nda uzman yazarlara yazd r lm makalelerden olu an muazzam bir derleme En g ncel tart malara kitap sayesinde h kim oldu umu d n yorum rendi im yeni kuramlardan memnunum.Tavsiye ederim.


Aliens By Jim Al-Khalili

Like any collection written by several different authors, some of these essays are better than others A few were simply over my head, but I thought most were fascinating There are some very different opinions about the likelihood of alien life existing in the Universe, and this collection explores s... (Sign in to see more)


Aliens By Jim Al-Khalili

For those who have ever wondered, Is there anybody out there In Aliens The World s Leading Scientists on the Search for Extraterrestrial Life , Jim Al Khalili, a British Iraqi theoretical physicist, shines a light on some of the latest scientific theories supporting the existence of alien li... (Sign in to see more)

Amber Martingale

Aliens By Jim Al-Khalili

Far too dry and academic for my taste Put me to sleep three words into it.

Scottsdale Public Library

Aliens By Jim Al-Khalili

This collection of scientific essays examines the myriad of possibilities about the existence of life beyond our planet It examines questions such as What is life How does it form Is life a cosmic imperative or a miraculous oddity on our planet alone And just how accurate is Hollywood in depicting p... (Sign in to see more)

Scott Kardel

Aliens By Jim Al-Khalili

I ve recently read a lot of books on the search for extraterrestrial life and this one is one of the better ones It is a collection of 19 essays by top minds in the field such as Sir Martin Rees, Sara Seager, Paul Davies, Seth Shostak and that are mostly very informative and representative of the d... (Sign in to see more)

Zachary F.

Aliens By Jim Al-Khalili

The obvious problem with a collection of scientific essays about aliens published in 2017 is that we do not, as of yet, have any concrete evidence of their existence Since scientists as a rule tend to avoid making bold claims without any proof or means of testing their theories, there s not a ton to... (Sign in to see more)


Aliens By Jim Al-Khalili

I knew the answer before I bought it we don t know yet, but the last book I read on the subject was 30 years ago and I trust the editor Jim Al Khalili, a scientist who has the gift of presenting science to laymen in an incisive mode, full of fascinating details I bought it in an airport and I have t... (Sign in to see more)

Ailith Twinning

Aliens By Jim Al-Khalili

It s fine, but not worth buying the audiobook new Basically, it s just kinda boring Here, I ll sum up the whole thing for you.1 If we can find life that is not related to the known life tree on Earth, then life in the universe is or less certain 2 If we can find life anywhere but here or Mars life,... (Sign in to see more)


Aliens By Jim Al-Khalili

Absolutely loved this book.I read it at the perfect time as I have been interested about this stuff lately, which always improves a book.It felt like it had a good flow despite being written by many different scientist authors all contributing a roughly 10 page essay in their topic.Really thorough a... (Sign in to see more)

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