TitleIllegal Alien
AuthorRobert J. Sawyer
ImprintRobert J. Sawyer Ltd
Sales rank4.5


The highly praised author of Starplex, End of an Era, and Foreigner presents a thrilling new story, a skillful blend of the great wonders of the universe and the harsh realities of life on earth When a disabled starship enters our atmosphere, fear is quickly replaced with awe and the incredibly intelligent members of the Tosok race are welcomed with open arms But the growing spirit of trust and cooperation is shattered when a popular human scientist is found dead The U.S government provides a leading civil rights lawyer to defend the accused alien And an unprecedented trial centers around not only one lost life, but the very essence of justice itself.


Ben Babcock

Illegal Alien By Robert J. Sawyer

In Illegal Alien, Robert J Sawyer manages to convince me that aliens from Alpha Centauri have come to Earth and need our help repairing their spaceship He fails to convince me that the California District Attorney could try one of those aliens for first degree murder.Sawyer recognizes the imp... (Sign in to see more)


Illegal Alien By Robert J. Sawyer

My thoughts This novel is clearly sci fi first contact with aliens, can you get something obviously sci fi And yet, it is an exploration and a critique of the US justice system The outsider points of view helps, because the lawyer has to explain everything to his alien client, Hask It shows the un... (Sign in to see more)


Illegal Alien By Robert J. Sawyer

While reading the initial chapters of this book, my impression was of the author indulging his personal fascination with the sensationalism that accompanies high profile American criminal cases specifically the O.J Simpson murder trial circus , due to the story being constructed as a legal thriller ... (Sign in to see more)


Illegal Alien By Robert J. Sawyer

Mankind makes first contact with an alien civilization when a space ship is stranded in our solar system The Tosoks come from Alpha Centauri, which is about four light years away One of the eight astronauts was killed in a tragic accident when he tried to repair the damage the ship sustained crossin... (Sign in to see more)


Illegal Alien By Robert J. Sawyer

I really liked Illegal Alien It was written at the time of the O.J Simpson murder trial and Sawyer cannot resist mentioning it throughout the book This is fine, as it allows the author some flexibility of plot and pacing an old lawyer who has won his share of cases, Mr Dale Rice, a black man who kne... (Sign in to see more)


Illegal Alien By Robert J. Sawyer

Fascinating.This book was shades of Orson Scott Card, just sans the thinly veiled preachy undertone So the better parts of OSC s work.This was primarily mystery legal drama with SciFi flavour As seems to be common thus far, Sawyer is an incurable idealist Though since I was raised with one of my par... (Sign in to see more)

Leila P

Illegal Alien By Robert J. Sawyer

I had pretty mixed feeling for this book On the one hand, I always enjoy first contact stories and also murder mysteries But on the other hand, I really don t like courtroom drama especially American courtroom drama and two thirds of this novel took place in the court room Nevertheless, I liked the ... (Sign in to see more)


Illegal Alien By Robert J. Sawyer

More courtroom drama than sci fi Was an enjoyable read, with somewhat predictable outcomes Sawyer managed to avoid his typical shortfall and actually ended the book satisfactorily without going into existential debate or unbelievable futures.One of the better novels of RJS that I have read On par wi... (Sign in to see more)

Scott Jann

Illegal Alien By Robert J. Sawyer

The aliens and alien technology portrayed in this book were no disappointment, compared to Sawyer s other books The book was the story of the trial of an alien who is arrested for committing murder While I wish the story had aliens and their technology in it, the legal proceedings in the LA court s... (Sign in to see more)


Illegal Alien By Robert J. Sawyer

I didn t like this book at first, but I carried on and it eventually grabbed my attention I don t think it s on a par with other books I ve read by Sawyer, but it s enjoyable if you get past some of the awkward moments near the beginning.

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