TitleAlien Hunters (Alien Hunters, #1)
AuthorDaniel Arenson
ImprintDaniel Arenson Ltd
Sales rank4.5
FormatKindle Edition


Got trouble with aliens Call the Alien Hunters A group of scruffy mercenaries, the Alien Hunters travel the galaxy in their starship, a mechanical dragon that spits out plasma like dragonfire If an alien has invaded your space station, asteroid mine, or lunar colony, the Alien Hunters will remove the pest for you Low rates No questions asked Raphael Riff Starfire, a guitarist turned gunslinger, and Nova, a warrior princess with an electric whip and a bad attitude, lead the Alien Hunters They re the solar system s best pest controllers Yet now they face a threat all their guns and grit might be unable to stop The skelkrins, a race of apex predators from deep space, are swarming across the galaxy Planets burn in their wake As the skelkrins draw closer to Earth, will Riff and Nova be the ones hunting aliens or will aliens hunt them



Alien Hunters (Alien Hunters, #1) By Daniel Arenson

Honestly There s an amusing juxtaposition of fantasy stereotypes writ large upon a standard Space Opera.Sure, I love the musician gig, the chase, the big ship reveals, the wild assortment of strange characters especially a certain little gas guzzling demon, the big pincers on the big evil alien spac... (Sign in to see more)


Alien Hunters (Alien Hunters, #1) By Daniel Arenson

I needed something funny, light and entertaining and this really did fit the bill No doubt that it was science fiction since they were buzzing around the universe in space ships, but there were magicians, halflings and knights in armor added to the mix It was all a lot of fun and passed a few hours ... (Sign in to see more)

Cathy (cathepsut)

Alien Hunters (Alien Hunters, #1) By Daniel Arenson

Hitchhiker Through the Galaxy meets The Fifth Element, with a little Star Trek and Tolkien thrown in Fairly silly set up, but fun to read Nothing Earth shattering, just light, entertaining space opera.Whatever you do, remember to never go hunting aliens without duct tape Free give away by the author... (Sign in to see more)

Sacha Valero

Alien Hunters (Alien Hunters, #1) By Daniel Arenson

Let s be clear, the author is primarily a fantasy writer and he should stick to that The science in this sci fi novel is just about nonexistent Rarely does a book put me off so much that if I decide to stop reading I feel compelled to leave a review I could only get through three chapters and I almo... (Sign in to see more)

Simply Sam ツ

Alien Hunters (Alien Hunters, #1) By Daniel Arenson

A kindle freebie Wellllllllll, I wouldn t mind some scifi in my life right about now Eh, why not.

Mick Bird

Alien Hunters (Alien Hunters, #1) By Daniel Arenson

What a interesting startThis first book of what I am sure will be a interesting series, started with the readers getting to know the main players They are a odd bunch of characters, forced together when Riff, is attacked His father has sent a fleeing alien to him for help But trouble is never far aw... (Sign in to see more)

Teri Miller

Alien Hunters (Alien Hunters, #1) By Daniel Arenson

Love love love the character Midnight I m hoping somewhere in the future of this series we get to read about the history of her people, her planet, and their demise.


Alien Hunters (Alien Hunters, #1) By Daniel Arenson

Midnight is a Pirilian, she is purple with yellow eyes and indigo hair She was incarcerated by the Skelkiens, a predator race, but she escaped and is now on earth searching for a saviour, with a blazing fire fight with a starry setting this is how the book explodes in your face.These Skelkiens are b... (Sign in to see more)

Kevis Hendrickson

Alien Hunters (Alien Hunters, #1) By Daniel Arenson

I m very disappointed with this book It started off fairly well and in spite of some silly science, it was exciting to read But shortly afterward, the story started to go downhill Fast The story plays out like a bad RPG where the hero spends the first part of the book assembling his team or band of ... (Sign in to see more)

Barb McKinley

Alien Hunters (Alien Hunters, #1) By Daniel Arenson

WHAT A GREAT GALAXY AND CAST OF CHARACTERS As always, Author, Daniel Arenson has delivered a well written and exciting book I love all the characters and am happily plotting on how to wipe out the really bad guys I really enjoyed this book from cover to cover and am going to go get the second book i... (Sign in to see more)

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