TitleAliens Bride
AuthorYamila Abraham
ImprintYamila Abraham Ltd
Sales rank4.5
FormatKindle Edition


Selena s romantic heart yearns for a love unavailable to her in the slave colony. She finds the courage to make her alien masters notice her right when two generals have been promised a human bride Selena must give herself to not one, but two husbands General Hern s act of valor has earned him any reward he wants He requests a human bride, one he intends to share with his equal, General Xaroth Their opposing philosophies has divided their troops and harmed the Dak Hiliah Empire Hern wants to use a human woman as a tool to finally bring them together He never intended on falling in love with her. General Xaroth has the same goals as Hern for the Dak Hiliah Empire He merely pursues them without any of Hern s foolish compassion Xaroth knows Hern is offering to share this woman with him to temper his callous methods He s not about to let himself be influenced and certainly not by a woman as gentle and alluring as Selena.



Aliens Bride By Yamila Abraham

3.5 stars


Aliens Bride By Yamila Abraham


Lost in Words

Aliens Bride By Yamila Abraham

Abrupt truthThis line of books from this author is entertaining but can be brutal at times These books are after all about changing the way males experience females in a male dominating society I d like to state there is romance and love as well as compassion, but along with those the reader must en... (Sign in to see more)

Rosa Maria Garcia

Aliens Bride By Yamila Abraham

Definitely 5 Stars WorthyLoved it This book was very well written and as usual the characters were awesome Once I started reading it was hard to stop I just wanted This book has mystery, action, compassion, romance, and what I enjoy than anything is that the characters from previous books are ther... (Sign in to see more)


Aliens Bride By Yamila Abraham

I m really starting to get into this series I hope there are to come.


Aliens Bride By Yamila Abraham

Hot, Hot I m speechless If I could give this one star I would Alien Bride series is one of the best series ever Truly addicting


Aliens Bride By Yamila Abraham

Sometimes very confusing for me.


Aliens Bride By Yamila Abraham

I have a ball of emotions inside What is right and what is wrong This book leaves a ball of questions and emotions Review later Great read


Aliens Bride By Yamila Abraham

I like to join on this site, here are many famous books.

Tejush Singh

Aliens Bride By Yamila Abraham


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