TitleEncounter (Encounters, #1)
AuthorPerie Wolford
ImprintPerie Wolford Ltd
Sales rank4.5
FormatKindle Edition


It s time to face the unknownIn an attempt to prove it to the world that crop circles are man made and aliens don t really exist, Ricky and his team of young enthusiasts including one particular enthusiast, Josh, who is hopelessly in love with Ricky start falsifying the phenomenon by creating their own crop circles Their endeavors prove successful, pretty much so, but only until the day when Ricky sees his unique circle design replicated throughout the country by the force unknown.



Encounter (Encounters, #1) By Perie Wolford

Encounter is written as a series of video clips or, descriptions of video clips , documenting the process of a group of friends as they try to prove to people that crop circles are a wholly human phenomenon From the synopsis, it sounded really promising and, since I marked it as to read abou... (Sign in to see more)


Encounter (Encounters, #1) By Perie Wolford

Perie Wolford has a way of making me read things that aren t in my usual rotation and loving them I m not a huge fan of YA, but Perie writes it and I love it UFO stories don t usually pique my interest, but Perie writes one and I power read it in one sitting Ricky and Josh are part of a group, led b... (Sign in to see more)


Encounter (Encounters, #1) By Perie Wolford

Original Blog Post Happy Happy Release Day eARC Review Encounter Encounters 1 by Perie WolfordMy Rating 4.5 of 5 StarsEncounter brings author Perie Wolford back to the genre where he is most comfortable science fiction After reading his book, Presence, a story of a woman who got caught in a world wh... (Sign in to see more)

Tony Williamson,jr.

Encounter (Encounters, #1) By Perie Wolford

Excellent read If you are into sci fi, Gay Romance and young adult books then you will not be disappointed with this book Great plot line Believable characters Excellent writing once again from this author.

Angela Fay

Encounter (Encounters, #1) By Perie Wolford

It s a story about geometry circles, squares and love triangles It centers on a relationship between two boys and a girl, but a girl is sort of like an odd element, I guess She came in out of nowhere to break their friendship, but it didn t really happen like that in the end Not to spoil anything I ... (Sign in to see more)

Tina Reedwood

Encounter (Encounters, #1) By Perie Wolford

Wow, that s a good science fiction story I actually didn t think I d enjoy it as much as I did I got an early copy from the author by the way, which was sweet The eerie atmosphere that was created really captivated me and I was immersed into that world of crop circles for a little bit So the science... (Sign in to see more)


Encounter (Encounters, #1) By Perie Wolford

Originally posted at LGBTQVoice This is a story about a boy and his friends.They go out making crop circles to prove they are man made There is a lot of build up in the book that I really enjoyed The book features some major surprise moments that really pulled me in There were times where I really d... (Sign in to see more)

Gemma ♕ BunksMcCoy

Encounter (Encounters, #1) By Perie Wolford

sigh another DNF This book is garbage the writing is terrible, the characters are terrible and the constant switch between POVs with no warning is seriously annoying I had to stop at 20% because I felt like if I carried on my brain was going to melt and fall out of my ears Damn I so wanted this to b... (Sign in to see more)

Andrew Jason

Encounter (Encounters, #1) By Perie Wolford

Encounters spins romance and science fiction in a way that stands out from the others.Actual rating 3.5 starsAs good as science fiction novels get, I really wasn t expecting what I got from Encounters It was fresh to me compared to others of the same genre that I ve read over the years One o... (Sign in to see more)

Jack Twist

Encounter (Encounters, #1) By Perie Wolford

that was a cool book I was totally digging the whole crop circles thing and there was some hot action between josh and ricky That was pretty awesome kept me turning pages the whole time loved it.

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