TitleOrganic Struggle
AuthorBrian K. Obach
ImprintBrian K. Obach Ltd
Sales rank4.5


In the early 1970s, organic farming was an obscure agricultural practice, associated with the counterculture rather than commerce Today, organic agriculture is a multi billion dollar industry organic food can be found on the shelves of every supermarket in America In Organic Struggle, Brian Obach examines the evolution of the organic movement in the United States, a movement that seeks to transform our system of agriculture and how we think about food.Obach analyzes why the organic movement developed as it did and evaluates its achievements and shortcomings He identifies how divergent interests within the diverse organic coalition created vulnerabilities for the movement In particular, he examines the ideological divide between those he calls the spreaders, who welcome the wider market for organic food and want to work with both government and agribusiness, and the purist tillers, who see organic practices as part of a broader social transformation that will take place outside existing institutions.Obach argues that the movement s changing relationship with governmental institutions is crucial to understanding the trajectory of the organic sector The government run National Organic Program fostered dramatic growth and deep corporate penetration of the organic market While many activists were disillusioned by changes in the organic industry that came with corporate and government involvement, Obach sees a failure in the essential market based strategy adopted by the movement early in its history He argues for a refocus on policy efforts that can reshape the agricultural system as a whole.



Organic Struggle By Brian K. Obach

I had high expectations for this book, which were not met The interview subjects were familiar to me, their perspectives seemingly tilted to support the author s hypothesis that organic agriculture has largely failed to keep its promise of sustainability The author blames a market oriented strategy ... (Sign in to see more)

Wisconsin Alumni

Organic Struggle By Brian K. Obach

Brian Obach MS 94, PhD 00AuthorFrom the author This book analyzes the growth and development of organic farming from obscure countercultural agricultural practice to multi billion dollar industry Obach examines why the organic movement developed as it did and how we can build on the the movement s a... (Sign in to see more)

Kathleen Tobin

Organic Struggle By Brian K. Obach

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Organic Struggle By Brian K. Obach

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Organic Struggle By Brian K. Obach

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Organic Struggle By Brian K. Obach



Organic Struggle By Brian K. Obach

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Lucille Bertuccio

Organic Struggle By Brian K. Obach


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Organic Struggle By Brian K. Obach

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Organic Struggle By Brian K. Obach


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