TitleA Guinea Pigs History of Biology
AuthorJim Endersby
ImprintJim Endersby Ltd
Sales rank4.5


Endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved, Darwin famously concluded The Origin of Species, and for confirmation we look tothe guinea pig How this curious creature and others as humble and as fast breeding have helped unlock the mystery of inheritance is the unlikely story Jim Endersby tells in this book.Biology today promises everything from better foods or cures for common diseases to the alarming prospect of redesigning life itself Looking at the organisms that have made all this possible gives us a new way of understanding how we got here and perhaps of thinking about where we re going Instead of a history of which great scientists had which great ideas, this story of passionflowers and hawkweeds, of zebra fish and viruses, offers a bird s or rodent s eye view of the work that makes science possible.Mixing the celebrities of genetics, like the fruit fly, with forgotten players such as the evening primrose, the book follows the unfolding history of biological inheritance from Aristotle s search for the universal, absolute truth of fishiness to the apparently absurd speculations of eighteenth century natural philosophers to the spectacular findings of our day which may prove to be the absurdities of tomorrow.The result is a quirky, enlightening, and thoroughly engaging perspective on the history of heredity and genetics, tracing the slow, uncertain path complete with entertaining diversions and dead ends that led us from the ancient world s understanding of inheritance to modern genetics.


K. Bird Lincoln

A Guinea Pigs History of Biology By Jim Endersby

I picked up A Guinea Pig s History of Biology due to the recommendation author Sam Kean made in A Violinist s Thumb Both books handle the history of biology with a focus on how we discovered DNA, genetics, and biometrics Kean s book was readable and enjoyable for me.Endersby s book was a bit textb... (Sign in to see more)

Kevin Arthur

A Guinea Pigs History of Biology By Jim Endersby

Science histories have become sophisticated in recent years Historians have broadened their perspectives to tell about the personal and social aspects of scientific activity and in so doing expose the sometimes transient nature of scientific theories Jim Endersby s history of biology effectively d... (Sign in to see more)


A Guinea Pigs History of Biology By Jim Endersby

Overall I really enjoyed this book I m a person who is interested in the history of medicine and biology and genetics, so I found this book very very interesting If you are not into that sort of stuff, however, you might not like this book.There were a few things that bothered me though For one, the... (Sign in to see more)


A Guinea Pigs History of Biology By Jim Endersby

I must be honest I tried, and tried, but I could not complete reading this book I returned it to the library I reissued it several months later and repeated my efforts This went on for 3 years before I gave up finally sometime in September I think last year The book is too monotonous and suffers fro... (Sign in to see more)

Frans Kranenburg

A Guinea Pigs History of Biology By Jim Endersby

A wonderful hi story of how inquisitive people have tried to unravel the inherited base of life i really enjoyed The perspective of the model organisms is a good choice to take, though this hook seems to be left undeveloped in the later chapters, each organism has its own story and something new to ... (Sign in to see more)


A Guinea Pigs History of Biology By Jim Endersby

This was was well done and creative It tells the story of a science by looking at the various living creatures that have been used for experiments This includes plants as well as animals There is a nod to animal rights concerns but only a quick nod However, this method works surprisingly well to tel... (Sign in to see more)

Rena Sherwood

A Guinea Pigs History of Biology By Jim Endersby

The title is misleading the guinea pig only appears in one chapter of this very long and often tedious book I was hoping the guinea pig would be our furry guide through the wacky and often sticky world of biology Instead, the book centers on the main plants and animals used and misused in laboratori... (Sign in to see more)


A Guinea Pigs History of Biology By Jim Endersby

An interesting book that highlights the roles of various organisms in science However the book felt textbook like and less story telling Informative certainly, but a bit harder to read I was expecting the book to talk entirely about various organisms, but the author veered off to talk about the sc... (Sign in to see more)


A Guinea Pigs History of Biology By Jim Endersby

An excellent read which manages to be accessible, interesting and informative It s broken up just right to make it perfect for reading on the bus or at work, and the 400 pages are compelling and engaging enough to never feel like a chore The writing style does a fantastic job of making you experienc... (Sign in to see more)


A Guinea Pigs History of Biology By Jim Endersby

A fascinating history of biology and science, told using the lab animals as examples From horse breeding and the very first ideas of how inheritance worked to the highly advanced OncoMouse, it s a fascinating story the whole way I personally am interested in the history of science during Dar... (Sign in to see more)

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