TitleThe Dead Lands
AuthorBenjamin Percy
ImprintBenjamin Percy Ltd
Sales rank4.5


A MINNESOTA BOOK AWARDS FINALIST IN NOVEL SHORT STORY In Benjamin Percy s new thriller, a post apocalyptic reimagining of the Lewis and Clark saga, a super flu and nuclear fallout have made a husk of the world we know A few humans carry on, living in outposts such as the Sanctuary the remains of St Louis a shielded community that owes its survival to its militant defense and fear mongering leaders Then a rider comes from the wasteland beyond its walls She reports on the outside world west of the Cascades, rain falls, crops grow, civilization thrives But there is danger too the rising power of an army that pillages and enslaves every community they happen upon Against the wishes of the Sanctuary, a small group sets out in secrecy Led by Lewis Meriwether and Mina Clark, they hope to expand their infant nation, and to reunite the States But the Sanctuary will not allow them to escape without a fight.



The Dead Lands By Benjamin Percy

okay, so this book is fantastic i mean, to me it hit all my personal zing buttons sharp characters and a george r.r martin esque willingness to pare them down, well described post apocalyptic world, surprising twists, bleak atmosphere, and a chewy, cinematic quality to the writing that pans a... (Sign in to see more)

Althea Ann

The Dead Lands By Benjamin Percy

This month s post apocalyptic book club selection.At our meeting, this book elicited a pretty universal reaction of, Well, it was OK And I would have to agree.This is a pulp fiction story with literary pretensions Honestly, I think it would ve been better without the pretensions Much has been made o... (Sign in to see more)


The Dead Lands By Benjamin Percy

Benjamin Percy s novel is sort of a reimagining of the Lewis and Clark expedition, but across a 22nd century, post apocalyptic landscape filled with strange mutated creatures and a devastated environment I had a lot of fun with this book, apparently there are scientific inaccuracies in the book that... (Sign in to see more)

Patrice Hoffman

The Dead Lands By Benjamin Percy

I FINALLY FINISHED THIS BOOK Sorry it takes me so long to finish books now days but I had to see this one through to the end There s something about Benjamin Percy s writing that draws readers in He s descriptive and paints the portrait vividly of a dystopian world that s been ruined by a flu like d... (Sign in to see more)


The Dead Lands By Benjamin Percy

There is noting in this book that would recommend it Its structure is bad, the writing is poor, and we ve seen it all prior and seen it better.

Scott Sigler

The Dead Lands By Benjamin Percy

I can see why this book produces such mixed reviews, but, as a writer, I loved it Percy has a talent for description, for painting pictures of people, settings and creatures that dance through my thoughts I listened to the audiobook, narrated by Holter Graham, and Graham s performance may have playe... (Sign in to see more)


The Dead Lands By Benjamin Percy

The Dead Lands is a post apocalyptic novel in the sub sub genre of science fantasy with a touch of steampunk as well , which prompted some readers to complain that the science of the novel made little sense And I empathize with them but only up to a certain degree Because I felt that the science of ... (Sign in to see more)


The Dead Lands By Benjamin Percy

It s All About the Spiders and the Bats, No ScienceOne of the most important science popularizers of our time, the late Stephen Jay Gould, began his scientific career by reviving the study of allometry quite literally, the mathematics of body size and shape while finishing his Ph D dissertation in i... (Sign in to see more)


The Dead Lands By Benjamin Percy

Read 4 6 15 4 9 153 Stars Recommended to fans of post apocalyptic fiction that feels like an epic fantasyPages 400Publisher Grand Central PublishingReleased April 2015Let s get one thing straight right from the get go When I rated this book, I was really torn between three and four stars A big part... (Sign in to see more)

Benjamin Judge

The Dead Lands By Benjamin Percy

This is, to use a word that I don t think I have ever used before, a yarn A re imagining of the Lewis and Clark passage with characters helpfully called Lewis and Clark, just in case, you know, you were going to miss the reference but in post apocalyptic America albeit one still filled with referenc... (Sign in to see more)

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