TitleA Continuous Harmony
AuthorWendell Berry
ImprintWendell Berry Ltd
Sales rank4.5


Award winner Wendell Berry s second collection of essays was first published in 1972, and contained eight essays, including the seminal Think Little, which was printed in The Last Whole Earth Catalogue and reprinted around the globe The splendid centerpiece of A Continuous Harmony, Discipline and Hope, is an insightful and articulate essay of instruction and caution This volume contains original content, with only slight revisions as might be desired It gives readers the opportunity to read the work of this remarkable cultural critic and agrarian, and to delight in the prose of one of America s greatest stylists.



A Continuous Harmony By Wendell Berry

The first chapter was a real disappointment for me It is Berry s statement against religion and that we must throw off religion in order to live well with nature He goes on for quite a while, is very clear in his feelings, and I mostly settled for reading the poetry of other writers that he referenc... (Sign in to see more)


A Continuous Harmony By Wendell Berry

Somewhat uneven collection, especially at the start, but the long chapter Discipline and Hope is one of Berry s best.

Jordan Kinsey

A Continuous Harmony By Wendell Berry

No one is timeless than Wendell Berry.


A Continuous Harmony By Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry is an author I read regularly Not exactly like taking a vitamin, but I need his perspective, the challenge of his thought on various topics, the pace of his life, his connection to land and community This book was no exception I am nearly to the point that I need to stop reading librar... (Sign in to see more)


A Continuous Harmony By Wendell Berry

Through the years, especially recent ones, I ve come in passing contact with the writing of Wendell Berry A quote here, a poem there, an essay on occasion I m not sure why it took me so long to make a point to read a Wendell Berry book since I ve always been impressed and touched by what little I ve... (Sign in to see more)


A Continuous Harmony By Wendell Berry

One of those amazingly prescient books, where you find yourself turning back to the copyright page to confirm that the book was indeed written in 1970 and not yesterday or tomorrow It is interesting to note that we are still riding the same waves that were rising high already forty years ago that ou... (Sign in to see more)


A Continuous Harmony By Wendell Berry

My favorite essay was Notes from an Absence and a Return I am in a transitional place in my life and have been thinking a lot about the sort of life I want to lead Perhaps because of that, this book seemed particularly poignant It is wise and inspiring and manages to feel both deadly serious and lig... (Sign in to see more)


A Continuous Harmony By Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry impacts me deeply yet again with this collection of essays It is sad that every one of these, written in 1971 or before, is just as pertinent so really as they were then There is a lot of work to be done, and he provides some clear solutions and starting points His topics focus on lit... (Sign in to see more)

Kevin Spicer

A Continuous Harmony By Wendell Berry

Wonderful and simple essays offering profound political insights through a man who has exacted his own sense of love and discipline through his devotion toward land and community It s both exhilarating and challenging in its unraveling of so many cornerstones of American culture.


A Continuous Harmony By Wendell Berry

Classic Very well considered, thoughtful, and thought provoking Written in the early seventies and yet still entirely timely which is a bit depressing for the contemporary reader sympathetic to Berry s principles Makes one yearn to go back and reread Walden Great collection.

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