TitleRoads Not Taken
AuthorGardner Dozois
ImprintGardner Dozois Ltd
Sales rank4.5


Alternate History The What If fiction that has finally come into its own Shedding light on the past by exploring what could have happened, this bold genre tantalizes your imagination and challenges your perceptions with thrilling reinventions of humanity s most climactic events Enter worlds that are at once fanciful and familiar, where fact and fiction meld in a provocative landscape of infinite possibilities Contents xi What Is Alternate History 1998 essay by Shelly Shapiro1 Must and Shall 1995 novelette by Harry Turtledove44 An Outpost of the Empire Roma Eterna 1991 novelette by Robert Silverberg71 We Could Do Worse 1988 shortstory by Gregory Benford80 Over There Teddy Roosevelt 1991 novelette by Mike Resnick112 Ink from the New Moon 1992 shortstory by A A Attanasio130 Southpaw 1993 shortstory by Bruce McAllister147 The West Is Red 1994 novelette by Greg Costikyan181 The Forest of Time 1987 novella by Michael F Flynn as by Michael Flynn 251 Aristotle and the Gun 1958 novelette by L Sprague de Camp299 How I Lost the Second World War and Helped Turn Back the German Invasion 1973 shortstory by Gene Wolfe


Benjamin Thomas

Roads Not Taken By Gardner Dozois

I like to consider myself an amateur armchair historian and I think a healthy appreciation for and understanding of history is essential if one is to fully appreciate high quality alternate history Sure, a reader can enjoy a good yarn about a what if scenario along the lines of What if General Washi... (Sign in to see more)


Roads Not Taken By Gardner Dozois

Short story anthologies can often be a mixed bag consisting of both the good and the bad This is one of the reasons why Gardner Dozios and Stanley Schmidt s book stands out taken from the pages of both Asimov s Science Fiction magazine and Analog Science Fiction and Fact, it offers a s... (Sign in to see more)

Ben Babcock

Roads Not Taken By Gardner Dozois

Not that long ago, I sampled another anthology of alternate history, Other Earths Now I m dipping into this specialized sub genre again with Roads Not Taken The premise is similar, but in this case the stories were all previously published in either Analog or Amazing Though I m disappointed that not... (Sign in to see more)

Jack Deighton

Roads Not Taken By Gardner Dozois

As someone with an interest in both history and SF I m obviously a pushover for counterfactual histories like the ones collected here None of the stories which are all by men I note here deal with the big what ifs like different outcomes to the US Civil War or Second World War but instead examine sm... (Sign in to see more)

Mike Glaser

Roads Not Taken By Gardner Dozois

A very good anthology of alternate history that I am glad that I stumbled across Well worth your time.


Roads Not Taken By Gardner Dozois

Alternate history is an interesting subgenre, sort of a mix between fantasy science fiction and history Each contribution in this field poses an imaginary supposition and asks the readers to consider the author s take on a response, such as just imagine what would happen if the South had won the Civ... (Sign in to see more)


Roads Not Taken By Gardner Dozois

I m always thrilled to find new interesting what if scenariosm but other than Gardner Dozois i seem to favor another definition of interesting and thrilling This anthology was at the most lukewarm in it s mixed qualities Around a third of this 11 Short stories doesn t even fit the category short sto... (Sign in to see more)

Cindi Blyberg

Roads Not Taken By Gardner Dozois

time travel is a device used in many of these stories, a device that i think is unnecessary in this genre, but is most effectively used by michael flynn in his story the forest of time, wherein many universes parallel one another, each one differing from the next as minutely a single action by a sin... (Sign in to see more)


Roads Not Taken By Gardner Dozois

Excellent Collection of Alternate History Stories by some of the giants of the genre Lots of fun, challenging, mindbending, fun.


Roads Not Taken By Gardner Dozois

Very poor collection of alternate history stories

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