TitleAmerican Vampire, Vol. 7
AuthorScott Snyder
ImprintScott Snyder Ltd
Sales rank4.5


Writer Scott Snyder Batman, Swamp Thing and artist Rafael Albuquerque bring together even threads to the complex tapestry that is the world of American Vampire.When we meet Pearl again, it is in 1960 s Kansas, an era fraught with fear of nuclear war, angry demonstrations and vast social change But what has changed in the years since the V.M.S attack And where is Skinner Sweet Collecting American Vampire Second Cycle 1 5


Ill D

American Vampire, Vol. 7 By Scott Snyder

Not too shabby.


American Vampire, Vol. 7 By Scott Snyder

The American Vampire legends continue.In this installment we witness vampires in hiding similar to the Underground Railway to get slaves out of slave states in America back in the day and tales of something deep underground which might hint to the origins of vampires yet is arguably too horrible to ... (Sign in to see more)

Randy Lander

American Vampire, Vol. 7 By Scott Snyder

The delays and change of artist have me a little nervous about the future of this book The writer and artist are both busy, and the plot is starting to feel less focused as we go on This volume introduces an interesting new status quo for the 60s and a frightening new foe, but it feels like half a c... (Sign in to see more)

L. McCoy

American Vampire, Vol. 7 By Scott Snyder

So American Vampire Second Cycle begins here and is good but not as good as the series usually is.What s it about Vampires are being hunted down across America and Pearl Jones is helping some vampiric kids stay safe while some really crazy s happens with them and Skinner Sweet is now a biker like th... (Sign in to see more)


American Vampire, Vol. 7 By Scott Snyder

ARC provided through Net GalleySO happy I didn t have to wait long to read this I should really stop reading this series until all of the issues are out because I have so much trouble containing my excitement both before reading each volume and immediately afterwards when I have to wait for... (Sign in to see more)


American Vampire, Vol. 7 By Scott Snyder

Mixed feelings On one hand, this volume does introduce a new foe, one that s both imaginative, suited for Snyder s vampires, and a convincing threat I still like his vampires, incidentally But this particular volume doesn t feel like a complete story so much as a prologue And I miss the sense that t... (Sign in to see more)


American Vampire, Vol. 7 By Scott Snyder

Well, I ve read 6, might as well read the 7th This one features plot development and a terrifying new something to be afraid of The bonus story is really great, executed in a somewhat different style with higher word count than normal and yet just as effective For any real vampire fans out there, t... (Sign in to see more)


American Vampire, Vol. 7 By Scott Snyder

First, I feel like I should have wrapped up this series awhile ago Mea culpa on dragging my feet This is a series that I enjoy a good deal, but like Bill Willingham s Fables there were times when the series dragged for me This volume was a bit of walking through mud to finish I nearly two starred th... (Sign in to see more)

Quentin Wallace

American Vampire, Vol. 7 By Scott Snyder

This volume finds us in the 60s with the familiar cast of Pearl and Skinner Sweet, but we are introduced to new villain known was The Grey Trader Still not entirely sure what he is, but it looks like its the very first vampire ever and it wants to infect all of the other vampires and turn them into ... (Sign in to see more)


American Vampire, Vol. 7 By Scott Snyder

I was hooked on the American Vampire series from the word go I love the dangerous, scary, vampires who are not, I repeat not, pining away romantically for anyone With one non obnoxious exception I love the savage artwork I love the new take on vampire mythology, and the progression of ... (Sign in to see more)

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