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Whether as wine, beer, or spirits, alcohol has had a constant and often controversial role in social life In his innovative book on the attitudes toward and consumption of alcohol, Rod Phillips surveys a 9,000 year cultural and economic history, uncovering the tensions between alcoholic drinks as healthy staples of daily diets and as objects of social, political, and religious anxiety In the urban centers of Europe and America, where it was seen as healthier than untreated water, alcohol gained a foothold as the drink of choice, but it has been regulated by governmental and religious authorities than any other commodity As a potential source of social disruption, alcohol created volatile boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable consumption and broke through barriers of class, race, and gender.Phillips follows the ever changing cultural meanings of these potent potables and makes the surprising argument that some societies have entered post alcohol phases His is the first book to examine and explain the meanings and effects of alcohol in such depth, from global and long term perspectives.



Alcohol By Rod Phillips

The first 3 4 of this book were very fascinating and the sort of scholarly diction didn t bother me at all I learned a lot of interesting tidbits like Jesus was originally a wine god of sorts And I am now obsessed with the Middle Ages and the women and Alewives dominating the brewing scene in that p... (Sign in to see more)

David Lucander

Alcohol By Rod Phillips

A good enough read and pretty informative, but this is a bit scholarly read dry for a crossover book with popular appeal I d like to see about how Islamic societies went dry and the U.S Prohibition section was a bit thin, but hey, I m not the guy who wrote this book Strengths are sections on Greece... (Sign in to see more)


Alcohol By Rod Phillips

Highly readable, and useful, text on the cultural and material history of alcohol Phillips uses an international and comparative frame here to good effect something not usually done in histories of alcohol I also greatly appreciated his focus on colonial and ethnic racial histories around alcohol Ma... (Sign in to see more)

Sean Geist

Alcohol By Rod Phillips

This was a very dry read, with is bad for a book about alcohol Lots of statistics and not a lot of passion I m embarrassed to say I wasn t able to finish it.

Frank Moore

Alcohol By Rod Phillips

I've finished reading, this is great


Alcohol By Rod Phillips


William Kerrigan

Alcohol By Rod Phillips

Alcohol a very good book.

Mark Schrad

Alcohol By Rod Phillips


Erin Wilson

Alcohol By Rod Phillips

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Tom Adams

Alcohol By Rod Phillips


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