TitleThe Emergent Agriculture
AuthorGary Kleppel
ImprintGary Kleppel Ltd
Sales rank4.5


Long embraced by corporations who are driven only by the desire for profit, industrial agriculture wastes precious resources and spews millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year, exacerbating climate change and threatening the very earth and water on which we depend However, this dominant system, from which Americans obtain most of their food, is being slowly supplanted by a new paradigm The Emergent Agriculture is a collection of fourteen thematic essays on sustainability viewed through the lens of farming Arguing that industrial food production is incompatible with the realities of nature, science, and ethics, this lyrical narrative makes the case for a locally based food system which is Stable in the face of economic uncertaintyResilient in the face of environmental variabilityGrounded in stewardship of the land, on attaching value to food and the craft involved in producing it, and on respecting the dignity of farmers, consumer,s and livestockA revolution in food production is underway Written from the vantage point of an ecologist who is also a farmer, The Emergent Agriculture is essential reading for anyone interested in food security and the potential for growing local economies Food for thought about the future of food.Gary Kleppel is a professor of biology at the SUNY Albany, where he focuses on sustainable agriculture, conservation based grazing, and the ecology of human dominated landscapes He and his wife Pam are owners of Longfield Farm, where they produce grass fed lamb, wool, free range chickens and eggs, and artisanal breads.


Bob Burch

The Emergent Agriculture By Gary Kleppel

It s interesting reading, and I m certainly inclined to favor the organic farming movement and the locavore movement However, there are unresolved issues that I felt that the book did not address For one, it did not talk about yield of organic farms If the yield does not approximate the yield of con... (Sign in to see more)

Janet Martin

The Emergent Agriculture By Gary Kleppel

While I don t agree with everything said in this book, the overall picture of existing US food production and options of the future of everything we put in our mouths is well worth a read The author promotes smaller farming, but a big issue with that is the need for folks willing to accept the labor... (Sign in to see more)

Jane Mclean

The Emergent Agriculture By Gary Kleppel

Author Gary Kleppel lives down the road from us in Knox, NY I talked to him recently about The Emergent Agriculture, telling him I was finding it eminently readable He said that readability was certainly a goal, using many personal anecdotes some about people we know like the owners of our CSA or th... (Sign in to see more)


The Emergent Agriculture By Gary Kleppel

Meh, for such a recently published book I expected than the same tired old diatrible of the past decade I think there is much exciting and less cynical writing being done about locally sourced agriculture.


The Emergent Agriculture By Gary Kleppel

I've finished reading, this is great

Nancy Olive

The Emergent Agriculture By Gary Kleppel


Adrian Bailey

The Emergent Agriculture By Gary Kleppel

The Emergent Agriculture a very good book.

Ryan Hebert

The Emergent Agriculture By Gary Kleppel



The Emergent Agriculture By Gary Kleppel

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Levi Burkett

The Emergent Agriculture By Gary Kleppel


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