TitleJane Eyre
AuthorCharlotte Brontë
ImprintCharlotte Brontë Ltd
Sales rank4.5
FormatAudio CD


One of the greatest love stories ever written, Jane Eyre is the tale of a young woman entangled with the powerful Mr Rochester What lurks in the attic at Thornfield, the ancestral home of the surly Mr Rochester Will the governess Jane Eyre discover his secret and having discovered it, live to regret that knowledge Battling inside Jane are passion and prudence she struggles to survive the turmoil they cause.



Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë

Yes, I suppose you can view this book mostly as a love story That s what I did at age 13 but that s why I was left disappointed back then.Or you can view this as an story of formation of a strong and independent female protagonist, a nineteenth century feminist, light years ahead of its time And tha... (Sign in to see more)


Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë

FIVE REASONS WHY JANE EYRE WOULD NEVER BE A BESTSELLER IN OUR TIMES 5 Four hundred odd pages of purely descriptive writing4 Overt religious themes and moral preaching3 A plain Jane heroine who stays plain No makeovers to reveal a hitherto hidden prettiness that only needed an application of hydrogen... (Sign in to see more)


Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë

I could bang Mr Rochester like a screen door till next Tuesday That s not all I got from this book, honestly

Bookdragon Sean

Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë

Reader, I gave it five stars Please let me tell you why Jane Eyre is the quintessential Victorian novel It literally has everything that was typical of the period, but, unlike other novels, it has all the elements in one story At the centre is the romance between Jane and Rochester, which is enhance... (Sign in to see more)


Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë

Child neglect, near death, a dash of magical realism, the power of love, the powerlessness of the poor, sexual rivalry, mystery, madness and It is as powerful as ever but is it really a love story, given Rochester s Svengali tendencies, or is it a life story His downfall and her inheritance make th... (Sign in to see more)

Jeffrey Keeten

Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë

Jane, be still don t struggle so like a wild, frantic bird, that is rending its own plumage in its desperation I am no bird and no net ensnares me I am a free human being, with an independent will which I now exert to leave you I am glad that in 1847 Charlotte Bronte made the decision to publish her... (Sign in to see more)

Hailey (HaileyinBookland)

Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë



Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë

The picture disappeared which made the comments rather irrelevant Oh course, Rush Limbaugh is nuts.In December 2007, on a radio show with an audience of 14.5 million, Limbaugh asked this question about the former first lady s presidential prospects, after an incredibly unflattering picture o... (Sign in to see more)

Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë

I m bumping Jane Eyre up to the full five stars on this reread It has its Victorian melodramatic moments horrible aunt and cousins view spoiler mad wife secretly hidden away in the attic heroine starving in the wilderness hide spoiler , but overall I found this story of a plain, obscure girl ... (Sign in to see more)


Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë

I read this book back in High School I hated it I thought it was boring and stupid and all I wanted to do was spread the word that this book was terrible and no one should read it I had it marked one star on Goodreads and it had a home on my least favorite shelf.Well, I have been waiting years to fi... (Sign in to see more)

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