TitleWriting New Adult Fiction
AuthorDeborah Halverson
ImprintDeborah Halverson Ltd
Sales rank4.5


Writing the New Adult Novel is the first book of its kind an instructional guide on writing New Adult novels In 2012, over 14,000 titles were specified as New Adult on Goodreads and that number only continues to grow The popularity of NA novels continues to grow and writers must approach the elements of storytelling in a completely different mindset Join Deborah Halverson to learn the essential information, steps, and techniques to draw in the crossover audience.



Writing New Adult Fiction By Deborah Halverson

Initial reaction When I actually have the chance to write a full review of this writing guide, It ll be a combination of a review and a soapbox because there s a lot of talking points I could use with what both Sylvia Day says in the foreword, and what Halverson discusses in the text On the whole, t... (Sign in to see more)


Writing New Adult Fiction By Deborah Halverson

3.5 starsI have the urge to applaud Halverson for putting together this part guidebook part workbook on how to write New Adult She covers everything between outlining your novel to the general mindset of a new adult to techniques for creating authentic voices and characters, to how to get your novel... (Sign in to see more)

Hannah Goodman

Writing New Adult Fiction By Deborah Halverson

Part workbook, textbook, and history book for anyone who wants to write or is writing NA fiction In Writing NA Fiction author Deborah Halverson portrays NA fiction as a bona fide genre not to be overlooked as sexed up YA She also proves that NA is not simply an extension of YA, rather it has its own... (Sign in to see more)

Maggie Stough

Writing New Adult Fiction By Deborah Halverson

I skimmed some chapters as it started to feel redundant after a while and a lot of it was basic character and plot building that I d read about in other writing books The chapters that were focused on aspects of New Adult felt mostly like it was pushed for the category to be about heterosexual rela... (Sign in to see more)


Writing New Adult Fiction By Deborah Halverson

In my recent YA binge, I haven t come across many books with protagonists over age 18 Then I stumbled upon this book about the age group that should ve been termed Young Adult, but instead is New Adult which really why not go with Emerging Adult to use the developmental psych label Anyway, Writing N... (Sign in to see more)


Writing New Adult Fiction By Deborah Halverson

Sorry, I can t remember the dates I started the book My short term memory sucks It had a lot of great information where you could form the characters I guess from remembering it, it was too wordy for me because I couldn t finish it in time If I ever check it out again, I ll definitely remember the d... (Sign in to see more)


Writing New Adult Fiction By Deborah Halverson

Everyone needs to know how important this book is To my knowledge it is the only or one of the very few to denote New Adult as a separate theme This is weirdly the writing I have been writing for my entire life My friend and I had a blog we were calling new adult because it was so new it didn t even... (Sign in to see more)

Peter Greenwell

Writing New Adult Fiction By Deborah Halverson

In most ways this is no different from x amount of other how to write guides, as 70% of this book covers ground found in nearly any other one you ll pick up One thing I did like about this book is its attention to dialogue, and especially writing dialogue that s topical for the age group this book d... (Sign in to see more)

Yvonne Day

Writing New Adult Fiction By Deborah Halverson


Marie Long

Writing New Adult Fiction By Deborah Halverson

This is my first time reviewing a non fiction book, but I felt I needed to give my thoughts on this book, especially with it being in a relevant genre that I generally review I d been reading this book the same time I was writing one, and I have to say, hands down, this is the best craft book I ve e... (Sign in to see more)

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