TitleDisaster at Stalingrad
AuthorPeter G. Tsouras
ImprintPeter G. Tsouras Ltd
Sales rank4.5


It is early September 1942 and the German commander of the Sixth Army, General Paulus, assisted by the Fourth Panzer Army, is poised to advance on the Russian city of Stalingrad His primary mission was to take the city, crushing this crucial centre of communication and manufacturing, and to secure the valuable oil fields in the Caucasus What happens next is well known to any student of modern history a brutal war of attrition, characterised by fierce hand to hand combat, that lasted for nearly two years, and the eventual victory by a resolute Soviet Red Army A ravaged German Army was pushed into full retreat This was the first defeat of Hitler s territorial ambitions in Europe and a critical turning point of WWII But the outcome could have been very different, as Peter Tsouras demonstrates in this fascinating alternate history of this fateful battle By introducing minor and realistic adjustments, Tsouras presents a scenario in which the course of the battle runs quite differently, which in turn throws up disturbing possibilities regarding the outcome of the whole war.


Sean Smart

Disaster at Stalingrad By Peter G. Tsouras

I was HUGELY impressed with this alternative history, I had to keep reminding myself that this was actually fiction and not a real history Very cleverly written.I have read many alternative history novels and stories before and this really has to be one of the best ones I have also read many of the ... (Sign in to see more)

Raymond Thomas

Disaster at Stalingrad By Peter G. Tsouras

I really enjoyed the exploration of possible different outcomes for the Eastern Front on the whole There are a few things in the book that I did take some issue with, particularly given how neutral parties just simply fall into the Germany s lap that wasn t well explained Tsouras does throw the read... (Sign in to see more)


Disaster at Stalingrad By Peter G. Tsouras

A solid historical piece about a all too possible alternative history where Germany wins Stalingrad and knocks Russia out of WW2..highly recommended for people interested in World War 2, Soviet Union or alternative historh

Clay Davis

Disaster at Stalingrad By Peter G. Tsouras

I like the quote by Field Marshal Moltke Order, counterorder, disorder.


Disaster at Stalingrad By Peter G. Tsouras

I have mixed feelings about this style of alternate history It is written like a history book, complete with footnotes that fit the context of an alternate history I have a reasonable knowledge of the Stalingrad front and battle, but I found myself wishing I had a much in depth knowledge to be able... (Sign in to see more)


Disaster at Stalingrad By Peter G. Tsouras

One of the best What if books in a bloody long time Mr Tsouras amazes the reader with his in depth knowledge about the 2 nd world war and in particular the eastern front.This is a gem Go get it right away

Javier HG

Disaster at Stalingrad By Peter G. Tsouras

Es fant stico cuando un libro del que no esperas mucho te sorprende, como ha sido este caso Disaster at Stalingrad an alternate history es un libro que disfrutar n los aficionados a la historia militar y a la Segunda Guerra Mundial en particular.Se nota que Peter Tsouras conoce bien el material y ha... (Sign in to see more)

Rob Roy

Disaster at Stalingrad By Peter G. Tsouras

The events of World War II are slightly alterered, leading to Stalingrade yet again, but with very different cercumstances If you are interested in World War II history, especially the eastern front, you will enjoy this book If military manouvers aren t your thing, take a pass.


Disaster at Stalingrad By Peter G. Tsouras

A little too much on which division or corps was doing what but an excellent read overall, well researched and a great ending

José Antonio

Disaster at Stalingrad By Peter G. Tsouras

Hasta ahora hab a le do ucron as literarias y ucron as acad micas o contrafactuales m s o menos serias Es la primera vez que leo una ucron a divulgativa, es decir, que trata de contar la historia de una manera amena y comprensible para el com n de los mortales, bueno, en este caso la no historia El ... (Sign in to see more)

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