TitleAlien Overnight (Aliens Overnight #1)
AuthorRobin L. Rotham
ImprintRobin L. Rotham Ltd
Sales rank4.5


Commander Kellen is on Earth recruiting women for his planet s sex starved males Not particularly excited by human anatomy, he seeks nothing for himself than the occasional slaking of his needs with some anonymous female which shouldn t be a problem, since she ll have to face the other way to accommodate his special anatomical needs.Dr Monica Teague is thrilled with her ten year assignment caring for Garathan s sexual recruits Her quirky looks and childish excuse for a body guarantee she ll never be expected to put out which is kind of a bummer, now that she s up to her armpits in horny alien beefcake.But, when an overdose of alien pheromones makes Monica drunk off her ass, Kellen quickly claims the odd little doctor before another Garathani realizes what she is The overdose sparks a violent chain reaction in her, and when Monica finally wakes, she s got the body of a porn star and two sexy alien mates who are determined to tame her.If only she were as determined not to let them.Reader Advisory Contains menage a trois sexual scenes.



Alien Overnight (Aliens Overnight #1) By Robin L. Rotham

Ok I actually liked this Quite a bit Very camp, very tongue in cheek While the dialogue wanted to make me headdesk on occasion yes, I m talking about that alien invasion part , I just couldn t take the book seriously enough to make me hate it I d prefer to give it 3.5 stars, but since that isn t an ... (Sign in to see more)


Alien Overnight (Aliens Overnight #1) By Robin L. Rotham

I gave this one 4 stars for several different reasons.First, I like SFR Good SFR is hard to come by and this one was pretty good It wasn t perfect but it was much better than most offerings I ve found in eformat A lot of thought went into the plot and all the elements worked together and made sense ... (Sign in to see more)


Alien Overnight (Aliens Overnight #1) By Robin L. Rotham

I m not going to lie here, the urge to find out about Kellen s special anatomical needs was the driving force behind me reading this Well, that and I love sexy sci fi The fact that this book contained both special anatomical needs and aliens is like THE BEST THING EVER What are these special anatomi... (Sign in to see more)

Carolyn F.

Alien Overnight (Aliens Overnight #1) By Robin L. Rotham

When most of the females from Kellen s planet die from a virus, they look to Earth for compatible females One of the doctors at the center where the women who volunteered is so androgynous that she s never had a male be interested in her Monica also has some genital abnormalities When the Garathani ... (Sign in to see more)


Alien Overnight (Aliens Overnight #1) By Robin L. Rotham

This was a mixed bag for me On the positive side, I enjoyed it, and look forward to reading the next book in the series, Enemy Overnight Unfortunately, I was also ripped out of the story several times due to what I ll call, excessive sci fi world building There were several events in the story that ... (Sign in to see more)


Alien Overnight (Aliens Overnight #1) By Robin L. Rotham

This was my first book by this author and normally humor infused romance would have me rolling my eyes Thankfully this author did not make the heroine into a spoiled brat when she had her fits It endured you to her and because of the outrageous situation she quickly had to adapt.The story revolves a... (Sign in to see more)


Alien Overnight (Aliens Overnight #1) By Robin L. Rotham

This was a little confusing but it was kinda really funny I don t know how else to explain it other then that I was laughing, but I was irritated that I was laughing 3.5 stars


Alien Overnight (Aliens Overnight #1) By Robin L. Rotham

I didn t hate this book, but I didn t really begin enjoying it until about 81% through it It didn t begin as a bride capture book but once Monica is transformed into an alien female, she is given no choices or options which works for me if the men doing the claiming really make her feel good and che... (Sign in to see more)

Future Slayer Girl

Alien Overnight (Aliens Overnight #1) By Robin L. Rotham

This book is so riding a fine line between really really naughty erotica, and sometime so sweet you just can t help but fall in love with all the characters So, as you can tell, I m totally in a sci fi binge at the moment I can t seem to get enough Aliens with extra appendages come to mama I have to... (Sign in to see more)

Linda Sims

Alien Overnight (Aliens Overnight #1) By Robin L. Rotham

7 ALIENSFirst read for me by this author, and overall this was a fun read Alien males from another planet have come to earth to recruit human females for their world The sex starved males are desperate.Doctor Monica Teague is in charge of inducting the human female volunteers She herself is an odd w... (Sign in to see more)

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