AuthorKaren E. Fields
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Most people assume that racism grows from a perception of human difference the fact of race gives rise to the practice of racism Sociologist Karen E Fields and historian Barbara J Fields argue otherwise the practice of racism produces the illusion of race, through what they call racecraft And this phenomenon is intimately entwined with other forms of inequality in American life So pervasive are the devices of racecraft in American history, economic doctrine, politics, and everyday thinking that the presence of racecraft itself goes unnoticed.That the promised post racial age has not dawned, the authors argue, reflects the failure of Americans to develop a legitimate language for thinking about and discussing inequality That failure should worry everyone who cares about democratic institutions.



Racecraft By Karen E. Fields

Brilliant work The authors adopt Durkheimian approach to explain why, even though we all know that race is a cultural construct, it is still such a basic part of American culture Their point is that since every society needs some basic principles which cannot be questioned to sustain its stability t... (Sign in to see more)


Racecraft By Karen E. Fields

This is a powerful and highly intelligent exploration of the idea that racecraft is no legitimate than witchcraft, and that the racism that follows from it is no natural or explicable than the development of superstitions and punishments that flowed from centuries of adamant belief in witchcraft I... (Sign in to see more)

Mike Goldstein

Racecraft By Karen E. Fields

Three stars not for the ideas, but for my personal reading experience The basic ideas here, the way the authors are able to trace the establishment of American racial ideology, the way they explain the impetus for racist pseudo science, arewell, just look at all the other reviews here It s all reall... (Sign in to see more)


Racecraft By Karen E. Fields

Truly a book that we should have read in college, this book has enhanced my knowledge on than my white male perspective.


Racecraft By Karen E. Fields

easily worth about 1000 stars, or even a million if you can read this book and not get totally fucking pissed off about America s racist problem not racisM problem, mind you then you are in such a state of ignorance and or denial that you are most likely not human at all this book crushes all the pr... (Sign in to see more)

Mark Lewis

Racecraft By Karen E. Fields

While the overall theme of the book is laudable, the writing style leaves much to be desired Slogging through this tome is like driving a Ferrari on a washboard road full of ruts and potholes Any enthusiasm for the experience is quickly dampened by ambiguous wandering sentences that completely halt ... (Sign in to see more)


Racecraft By Karen E. Fields

Here are my thoughts


Racecraft By Karen E. Fields

The premise of this book is that race, much like witchcraft, operates socially as a collective experience in which individuals and societies take part in the various rites, rituals and ceremonies that constitute a belief system These belief systems then become self perpetuating in that they affirm a... (Sign in to see more)


Racecraft By Karen E. Fields

The first half of this book is excellent, laying out helpful definitions and distinctions of race, racism, and racecraft think witchcraft with its irrational premise but utterly rational consequences The second half is overly theoretical for my taste, spending a lot of time on the obscure conceptual... (Sign in to see more)


Racecraft By Karen E. Fields

I don t really have any problem with the content or intent, but this isn t well written and the organization is a mess.

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