TitleGod Gave Wine
AuthorKenneth L. Gentry Jr.
ImprintKenneth L. Gentry Jr. Ltd
Sales rank4.5


For the past 200 years Americans have been told that biblical teaching forbids the drinking of alcoholic beverages But does it In this greatly revised and expanded version of his controversial book, formerly titled The Christian and Alcoholic Beverages, Kenneth L Gentry Jr takes a thorough look at the issue, concluding that Scripture allows wine to be consumed both for health and pleasure but in moderation By careful lexical, exegetical and theological examination, God Gave Wine demonstrates from the Bible the error of those who demand either prohibition or abstention With the backdrop of Psalm 104 14 15, Gentry shows that wine is God s blessing to man Written in a pleasing and irenic style, Gentry s approach avoids the common pitfalls of emotionalism, cultural conditioning and ecclesiastical tradition, while remaining distinctively biblical.



God Gave Wine By Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

Gentry spends a lot of his time proving that the various words for wine in the Bible refer to alcoholic drinks That s necessary for his case because he proceeds to show the many uses of those words in positive contexts One of the phrases he repeats often is that the abuse of something doesn t requir... (Sign in to see more)

Tim Miller

God Gave Wine By Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

Gentry does a superb job in his support of the moderationist s position on Alcohol While Gentry himself is not a drinker nor am I for lack of any desire due to his dislike of the taste, he relentlessly clings to scripture Throughout the entire book, Scripture is the foundation of every chapter I hav... (Sign in to see more)


God Gave Wine By Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

If your motto for sanctification is Don t drink don t smoke don t chew, or go out with girls who do, then this book is for you Gentry presents an excellent scriptural case for the acceptability and proper use of alcohol in the life of the Christian Gentry handles this discussion with the heart of a ... (Sign in to see more)


God Gave Wine By Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

Gentry provides a detailed through not too dense study of what the Bible actually says about alcohol In sum, God designed nature to produce alcohol, it symbolizes the blessing of God, Jesus made it, drank it, and the Bible does not prohibit drinking it Of course, being drunk is a sin, but all sorts ... (Sign in to see more)

Amy Sanders

God Gave Wine By Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

Best arguements, I have purchased many of these books and given them away Even when I loaned it out, people requested to keep it Enough said.

Bob Hayton

God Gave Wine By Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

Written by one who doesn t drink, due to health concerns, this book takes a non biased approach to the issue What does the Bible really say about alcoholic drink Contrary to the popular opinion of many American evangelical Christians, the Bible does not expressly forbid the drinking of alcoholic dri... (Sign in to see more)

Mitch Nichols

God Gave Wine By Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

A refreshingly honest look at what the Bible actually says that is free from pandering to cultural traditions, the wisdom of men or knee jerk emotionalism Gentry does an outstanding job of pointing to the unbiblical nature of the prohibitionist positions, most notably those of Stephen M Reynolds He ... (Sign in to see more)


God Gave Wine By Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

One of the best books on the topic, this scholarly text is written to address what the bible says about Alcohol Written by an author who does not drink, it is filled with evidence that directs toward the modernist view to be an okay one Where the bible does say being drunk is a sin, it does not say ... (Sign in to see more)

Michael Jones

God Gave Wine By Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

thorough and extremely helpful Jesus made 200 gallons of the stuff and they called him a drunkard He wants us to enjoy kingly wine as we enjoy his kingdom Thanks Mr Gentry very scholarly but well written and enjoyable


God Gave Wine By Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

Great book

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