TitleThe Addicted Brain
AuthorMichael Kuhar
ImprintMichael Kuhar Ltd
Sales rank4.5


Addiction destroys lives In The Addicted Brain, leading neuroscientist Michael Kuhar, Ph.D., explains how and why this happens and presents advances in drug addiction treatment and prevention Using breathtaking brain imagery and other research, Kuhar shows the powerful, long term brain changes that drugs can cause, revealing why it can be so difficult for addicts to escape their grip Discover why some people are far susceptible to addiction than others as the author illuminates striking neural similarities between drugs and other pleasures potentially capable of causing abuse or addiction including alcohol, gambling, sex, caffeine, and even Internet overuse Kuhar concludes by outlining the 12 characteristics most often associated with successful drug addiction treatment Authoritative and easy to understand, The Addicted Brain offers today s most up to date scientific explanation of addiction and what addicts, their families, and society can do about it.



The Addicted Brain By Michael Kuhar

I chose this book from the Vine program for a few reasons I am a public defender who works with addicts and recovering addicts on a daily basis, and I recently lost a close friend to a drug overdose I wanted to know about how the brain functions after substance abuse, and this book did the job Dr ... (Sign in to see more)

Morgan Blackledge

The Addicted Brain By Michael Kuhar

I am a MA level psychotherapist, and Registered Addiction Specialist intern currently working at a methadone clinic in the extremely impacted area of South Los Angeles We are a medical and psycho educational program i.e we provide our clients with the facts about their disease and counsel them in ev... (Sign in to see more)

Josh Muhlenkamp

The Addicted Brain By Michael Kuhar

As an assistant prosecutor, I primarily deal with drug cases mostly heroin I estimate that 85% or of our cases are either drug charges trafficking, possession, etc or are theft forgery etc charges in which people were committing the crimes to get money to support their drug habits I read this book ... (Sign in to see more)


The Addicted Brain By Michael Kuhar

Read about 20% from the beginning, then two chapters It s very vague and a lot of it is just blah blah , and the writing is horrid.

Deyth Banger

The Addicted Brain By Michael Kuhar

The problem is that if you see yourself as a addictYou can t get away from your addiction if you don t see yourself as addict it will make you feel better.

karl and mandy brown

The Addicted Brain By Michael Kuhar

One day The Addicted Brain Why We Abuse Drugs, Alcohol, and Nicotine by Michael Kuhar showed up on my Kindle and one night when I couldn t get to sleep right away, I decided to start reading it The book was a pleasant surprise It was easy to read, probably written for the high school level it taught... (Sign in to see more)


The Addicted Brain By Michael Kuhar

This book is written by one of the top authorities in the scientific research of addictions This does not mean, however, that it is hard to understand or written only for experts Instead, this book assumes that the reader does not have much of a background and gently takes him her from the basics to... (Sign in to see more)

Thomas Kenney

The Addicted Brain By Michael Kuhar

I was hoping the author would delve into the neuroscience of addiction, but he at least does some of that It s certainly better than a purely self help book I especially approve of his efforts to soften our attitudes and self righteousness about drug addicts However, it may just be me, but I felt t... (Sign in to see more)


The Addicted Brain By Michael Kuhar

This is an extremely useful book to include in one s repertoire of resources in my opinion I like how he broke down terms and illustrated certain key points with research studies charts, graphs, etc Although, it s an easy read you feel smarter after reading it, lol I also like how he incorporated ot... (Sign in to see more)


The Addicted Brain By Michael Kuhar

I realize this is a science book, but it was tedious reading about cellular function and brain chemistry throughout the entire book The graphs and charts were helpful, but again, tedious There were a couple of redeeming qualities when discussing treatment options and the stigma of addiction I made m... (Sign in to see more)

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