TitleFood and the City
AuthorJennifer Cockrall-King
ImprintJennifer Cockrall-King Ltd
Sales rank4.5


A global movement to take back our food is growing The future of farming is in our hands and in our cities.This book examines alternative food systems in cities around the globe that are shortening their food chains, growing food within their city limits, and taking their food security into their own hands The author, an award winning food journalist, sought out leaders in the urban agriculture movement and visited cities successfully dealing with food deserts What she found was not just a niche concern of activists but a global movement that cuts across the private and public spheres, economic classes, and cultures She describes a global movement happening from London and Paris to Vancouver and New York to establish alternatives to the monolithic globally integrated supermarket model A cadre of forward looking, innovative people has created growing spaces in cities on rooftops, backyards, vacant lots, along roadways, and even in vertical farms Whether it s a community public orchard supplying the needs of local residents or an urban farm that has reclaimed a derelict inner city lot to grow and sell premium market veggies to restaurant chefs, the urban food revolution is clearly underway and working.This book is an exciting, fascinating chronicle of a game changing movement, a rebellion against the industrial food behemoth, and a reclaiming of communities to grow, distribute, and eat locally.


Lisa Nolan

Food and the City By Jennifer Cockrall-King

I stumbled upon Food and the City in my local library in the new book section After reading it, I actually felt inspired and hopeful, instead of my usually we re all going to hell in a handbasket This book illustrates the way forward for towns and cities and their inhabitants creating a post industr... (Sign in to see more)


Food and the City By Jennifer Cockrall-King

This is a well written, journalistic style memoir of a woman s quest to find out what is currently happening in the world of urban agriculture Ms Cockrall King writes of her travels to several cities in North America, Europe, and Cuba to meet with key people currently involved in urban agriculture S... (Sign in to see more)


Food and the City By Jennifer Cockrall-King

From the smattering of urban gardens and farms visited by the author, mainly in North America, I would hesitate to call this a revolution, so much as a movement Undoubtedly our industrial food system is extremely vulnerable to supply disruptions due to it s efficiency, yet this locavore grow your ow... (Sign in to see more)

Rebecca Johnson

Food and the City By Jennifer Cockrall-King

Super interesting book Great regional history, never preachyyet informative enough in depth and scope to teach about the unsustainable food situation we are all part of with gems on how we can get with this cool trend.

Bookworm Smith

Food and the City By Jennifer Cockrall-King

Where is my hoe I need it now I want to rush out into the streets and start planting beans, tomatoes, apple trees Literally, right on the street That is the conversation I had going on in my head after finishing this book Cockrall King lays out her new food revolution theory It s not an instruction ... (Sign in to see more)


Food and the City By Jennifer Cockrall-King

This was a really interesting book that looked at the increase in urban farming from backyard and patio gardens to community gardens and even renovating abandoned buildings and creating vertical farms in the middle of a major city The first section of the book looks at our industrialized food system... (Sign in to see more)


Food and the City By Jennifer Cockrall-King

I really liked this book, a celebration of urban sustainable agriculture, relocalization, permaculture, community gardens, CSA s, and backyard gardening The author did a wonderful job of sharing her meetings with various leaders in the movement such as Will Allen of Growing Power, as well as many le... (Sign in to see more)


Food and the City By Jennifer Cockrall-King

I saw Jennifer CK at the Kingston WritersFest 2014 where she delivered a talk on the subject of urban agriculture, featuring this book This is a introductory examination of the potential and early adopters of modern methods of urban agriculture It is a breezy read, journalistic in tone and unfortuna... (Sign in to see more)

Catherine Griwkowsky

Food and the City By Jennifer Cockrall-King

In Food and the City, author Jennifer Cockrall King explores urban farming in various forms.She travels far back to urban ag examples in 19th century Paris to the theoretical vertical farms planned for office towers.The book explores urban farms taking root in collapsed industrialized America, commu... (Sign in to see more)


Food and the City By Jennifer Cockrall-King

This book had been promoted at a conference I went to by the same name, so when it popped up in the new books section at my local library, I picked it up The first five chapters are a summary of the food system that doesn t offer anything new to current discussions, but all subsequent chapters chron... (Sign in to see more)

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