TitleAlcohol And Pleasure
AuthorStanton Peele
ImprintStanton Peele Ltd
Sales rank4.5


There is no simple threshold between the experience of drinking and the pleasure it can bring on the one hand and the pain and suffering caused by alcohol abuse on the other But if we are to understand the role of alcohol in society, then at the very least we need to acknowledge the pleasure as well as the pain Alcohol and Pleasure aims to bring together existing knowledge on the role of pleasure in drinking and determine whether the concept is useful for scientific understanding and policy consideration.


Aoife McKiernan

Alcohol And Pleasure By Stanton Peele

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ARG Library

Alcohol And Pleasure By Stanton Peele

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Kasee Hall

Alcohol And Pleasure By Stanton Peele

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Sharon Devlin

Alcohol And Pleasure By Stanton Peele

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