TitleBringing Home the Dharma
AuthorJack Kornfield
ImprintJack Kornfield Ltd
Sales rank4.5


If you want to find inner peace and wisdom, you don t need to move to an ashram or monastery Your life, just as it is, is the perfect place to be Jack Kornfield, one of America s most respected Buddhist teachers, shares this and other key lessons gleaned from than forty years of committed study and practice Topics include How to cultivate loving kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity Conscious parenting Spirituality and sexuality The way of forgiveness Committing ourselves to healing the suffering in the world Bringing Home the Dharma includes simple meditation practices for awakening our buddha nature our wise and understanding heart amid the ups and downs of our ordinary daily lives.


Tanya McGinnity

Bringing Home the Dharma By Jack Kornfield

Kornfield s book Bringing Home the Dharma truly does bring it right home It is one of those easy to read, yet infinitely wise books that delivers exactly what you expect from it and unveils some gem of wisdom precisely at the moment when you need it I just love books like this one, that when weeks, ... (Sign in to see more)

Julia Glassman

Bringing Home the Dharma By Jack Kornfield

I was excited to read this book because, with an infant and a fulltime job, I have barely any time to meditate, let alone attend retreats I was especially happy to see a chapter on parenting I thought this book was going to be what the title makes it sound like a guide to practicing Buddhism as a la... (Sign in to see more)


Bringing Home the Dharma By Jack Kornfield

This is a collection of previously published although expanded articles As a result, there is a lot of redundancy in what Kornfield says I was not aware that this book is a compilation, rather than a single thematically tied discussion of Buddhism If Kornfield were less of a writer, I would have dis... (Sign in to see more)

Mack Hayden

Bringing Home the Dharma By Jack Kornfield

One of my reading goals for the year was to get acquainted with Eastern religions and Buddhism specifically This is only my second book in that vein, but I really learned a lot from it and look forward to reading of Jack Kornfield specifically His prose and presentation both seem to grow out of his... (Sign in to see more)

Estela Duran

Bringing Home the Dharma By Jack Kornfield

Acceptance is not passivity It is a courageous step in the process of transformation Page 7What an amazing and eye opening book I absolutely love Buddhist teaching and Jack Kornfield has a great way of using anecdotes and explaining the practices of the Buddha in this book Very beautifully written a... (Sign in to see more)


Bringing Home the Dharma By Jack Kornfield

Thanks to Jack Kornfield, I took a slow and mindful read The desire to bring meditation into my life is now fully blown, having never been so convincingly presented to me Kornfield s essay collection rolled out topics in which I have always longed to delve forgiveness, becoming conscious as parents... (Sign in to see more)


Bringing Home the Dharma By Jack Kornfield

I thought it was a reasonable synthesis of other Kornfield s works Naturally, some anecdotes were retold and there was a long chapter on spirit rock that read far too long and a felt a bit like an advert That was unnecessary I d say it s not for a beginner to buddhism either in a practical or concep... (Sign in to see more)


Bringing Home the Dharma By Jack Kornfield

Although I am not a Buddhist, this was a good read A good broad stroke read into the basic topics Several chapters were insightful such as parenting, forgiveness, etc.


Bringing Home the Dharma By Jack Kornfield

One of the better Buddhist Philosophy books I ve read Addresses things like sexuality and everyday life that other books seem to ignore.


Bringing Home the Dharma By Jack Kornfield

Very clear description of different Buddhist traditions and practices.Very interesting history on Spirit Rock and how they came to teach Insight MeditationIlluminating on what is enlightenment and why masters aren t perfect

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