AuthorStephen King
ImprintStephen King Ltd
Sales rank4.5
FormatMass Market Paperback


Witness Stephen King s triumphant, blood spattered return to the genre that made him famous Cell, the king of horror s homage to zombie films the book is dedicated in part to George A Romero is his goriest, most horrific novel in years, not to mention the most intensely paced Casting aside his love of elaborate character and town histories and penchant for delayed gratification, King yanks readers off their feet within the first few pages dragging them into the fray and offering no chance catch their breath until the very last page

In Cell King taps into readers fears of technological warfare and terrorism Mobile phones deliver the apocalypse to millions of unsuspecting humans by wiping their brains of any humanity, leaving only aggressive and destructive impulses behind Those without cell phones, like illustrator Clayton Riddell and his small band of normies, must fight for survival, and their journey to find Clayton s estranged wife and young son rockets the book toward resolution

Fans that have followed King from the beginning will recognize and appreciate Cell as a departure King s writing has not been so pure of heart and free of hang ups in years wrapping up his phenomenal Dark Tower series and receiving a medal from the National Book Foundation doesn t hurt either Retirement clearly suits King, and lucky for us, having nothing left to prove frees him up to write frenzied, juiced up horror thrillers like Cell.


Leah Williams

Cell By Stephen King

Literary critics can moan all they want about Stephen King s penny dreadful oeuvre, but his mastery at the craft of storytelling is indisputable King writes his novels like a seduction, the story unfolding delicately and deliberately As any Stephen King fan knows, his coy expository chapters often t... (Sign in to see more)


Cell By Stephen King

3.5 Stars..Ok, I do believe I m with the don t like the ending readers on this one, but oh what a beginning

Clay is happy..he just sold his first graphic novel and can t wait to share the news with his estranged but loved wife and 12 year old son and as it turns out, luckily, does not ow... (Sign in to see more)


Cell By Stephen King

I don t know where to start I don t know what to say I own about 30 Stephen King books, I believe I have read them all Strange enough, it seems like just as I started getting into the King of Horror, his talent began to dwindle I think it was when I was in sixth grade that I started digging him and ... (Sign in to see more)

Kostas Papadatos

Cell By Stephen King

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Edward Lorn

Cell By Stephen King

Five stars for the first half One star for the last 200 pages, wherein King drags his ass like a dog infested with roundworms Cell is a five star read all the way up to the halfway mark You got crazies running around, nom nom nomming on tender bits, and a likable crew of misfits trying... (Sign in to see more)

Stefan Yates

Cell By Stephen King

For some reason, I had seen quite a few bad reviews on Cell before I read it Not one to usually dislike a King novel, I did go into this one without the highest of expectations and ended up being very pleasantly surprised.The story centers around a mass event that turns anyone who happens to be on t... (Sign in to see more)


Cell By Stephen King

I suddenly realised half way through this book that it is really a zombie novel After a shower I felt better and rationalised that this was occupying my wouldn t normally read this slot in my book consumption sigh of relief I must admit that I did enjoy some of King s early novels, but this was so f... (Sign in to see more)


Cell By Stephen King

Stephen King does zombies Wellkind of We ll get to that in a bit.But first, here s how I think this book came about Way back in aught 6 2006 , or just before because Cell was published in 06, but who knows with King, am I right But anyway, we ve come a long way since that time Everyone was gettin... (Sign in to see more)

Johann (jobis89)

Cell By Stephen King

What Darwin was too polite to say, my friends, is that we came to rule the earth not because we were the smartest, or even the meanest, but because we have always been the craziest, most murderous motherfuckers in the jungle Cell is an apocalyptic tale about mobile phones that wipe the user s brain,... (Sign in to see more)

Gorgona Grim

Cell By Stephen King

Odli an po etak pri e, radnja sasvim zadovoljavaju a iako se javlja ose aj ve vi enog i onda bezvezan zavr etak Jednog sasvim obi nog dana dobar deo ljudi je, na prvi pogled ni im izazvano, potpuno podivljao Momentalno po inje borba za pre ivljavanje odre en broj ljudi koji deluje kao da je izgubio ... (Sign in to see more)

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